MoveOn Moonbats Plan to “Bird Dog” Republican Events


At the MoveOn site:

RepubliCorp Bird-dogging Guide
Research your Republican target’s schedule
Stage your RepubliCorp stunt and attract media attention
Extra tips

Corporations and their right-wing allies are spending $400 million to try to take over Congress for the Republican Party. If this happens, right-wing Republicans and their corporate benefactors will do everything they can to kill any progressive legislation for the rest of the Obama presidency. So this election season, it’s up to us to expose the unprecedented flood of corporate cash to Republican campaign coffers. We’re launching a massive Republican bird-dogging campaign. Here’s how we’ll do it:
Councils across the country will birddog Republican candidates for Congress as “RepubliCorp”—the corporate “merger” between corporate special interests and the Republican party that is driving the hostile takeover of our government.
Because the election is just weeks away, we can’t wait for the media to come to us. So we’ll show up as RepubliCorp corporate lobbyists and CEOs at every Republican target’s public appearance—fundraisers, rallies, debates, parades, and more.
We’ll paraody this corporate merger by presenting our Republican targets with a RepubliCorp “Employee of the Month” certificate or awarding Republicans with a massive campaign contribution check from RepubliCorp.
We’ll go straight to the TV and newspaper reporters at these events to make sure our RepubliCorp message gets in the local media and exposes to voters that Republicans in this race are bought and paid for by the big corporations that bankrupted this country.

That’s funny, I was sure it was Obama’s socialist spend/bailout/stimulus/takeover orgy that bankrupted this country and sent us reeling into an additional $3 trillion debt,  bringing the total to $13 trillion; with no end in sight.
He’s added more to the national debt during his first 2 years in office than all the presidents from Washington to Reagan combined:

Watch the numbers climb at this link:

Here’s MoveOn’s craptastic, retarded plan:

……RepubliCorp Stunts

Event Roles

There are four important roles for your event:

  1. RepubliCorp spokesperson. This person is the loud, unabashed person of your group and is willing to play the role of RepubliCorp in front of the media and your target.
  2. RepubliCorp lobbyists holding signs.
  3. People to distribute RepubliCorp flyers.
  4. A videographer or photographer.

RepubliCorp Stunts

They key to media attention is a little political theater. Here are a few idea for your bird-dogging event:

  • Present your target with a RepubliCorp “Employee of the Month” award.
  • Award your target with a campaign contribution from RepubliCorp.
  • Organize an auction of public offices and institutions, with particular offices going to the highest bidder in exchange for legislative votes that favor Wall Street and Big Corporations.
  • Host a Job Fair. Offer job applications for positions at RepubliCorp, where the qualifications for the job reflect some of the worst positions of high-profile Republicans. For example:

    RepubliCorp: Do you believe that Social Security should be handed over to banks?

  • Applicant: That’s a great idea.

    RepubliCorp: Well then, I think you’ll be a great fit here at RepubliCorp!

  • Organize an auction and sell off a private yacht ride donated by Big Banks—but to enter the auction you have to offer your vote on key legislation or elections.
  • Alms for the Rich. Put RepubliCorp members near the entrance of an event and ask for donations to CEOs who have suffered under the Democratic majority, or from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

A Sample Event

Here’s a sample timeline for a RepubliCorp bird-dogging event.

The scenario: Your Republican target is hosting a high-profile fundraiser at a downtown hotel at 12:30 p.m. You’ve decided to present him or her with the RepubliCorp “Employee of the Month” award.

The plan:

12:00—Gather at a coffeeshop across the street. Solidify your media message and the roles each of you will play. Distribute signs and flyers. Review your plan of action and make sure the RepubliCorp spokesperson is prepped with talking points.

12:15—Head over to the front doors of the hotel. The RepubliCorp spokesperson stands in front of the lobbyists holding signs. Folks with flyers distribute the flyers to everyone who walks by.

12:16—The RepubliCorp spokesperson leads the group in RepubliCorp chants. This will attract attention from the media. Keep singing the song for several minutes.

As soon as the media comes over, immediately start the award presentation. If after several minutes the media is not paying attention, one person from the group should go approach them and let them know what is happening.

12:20—The RepubliCorp spokesperson reads the award presentation script and announces the awarding of the “Employee of the Month” certificate. The corporate lobbyists cheer and hold their signs for the media to see.

12:25—The award presentation ends, and the group continues to chant and distribute flyers.

MoveOn—Stupidity in action.

The moonbats are so desperate that they have to pose as faux Republicans to try and sell their socialist talking points.
It’s been tried before by assclowns just slightly more intelligent than them—to no avail.

From Michelle Malkin:

Over the last week, conservative activists online have thoroughly exposed the loser behind an Internet call to “Crash the Tea Party.” His name is Jason Levin. To follow his trail, check Free Republic here, Canada Free Press here, and Velvet Hammer here. After failing to cover his tracks, Levin is now basking in the glow of attention on his tpartycrasher Twitter page and on his personal Twitter page…..

……Conservative blogs and talk radio have spread the word about possible shenanigans promoted by Levin, including this:

“We will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them. We will also use the inside information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.”

Levin registered his site under a phony name on April 3, 2010. He’s just the latest in a long line of left-wing leeches and anarchist clowns trying to discredit Tea Party activism and mask their roles as agents provocateur.

The rest at this related post:

Newsflash, MoveOn morons: It’s not as fun when your cover is blown. You can try to undermine democracy all you want. You will still lose in November.

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