MSM Silent on Good News

Nice observation by Investor’s Business Daily:

Media And War: Ever since the Sept. 10 testimony of Gen. David Petraeus, we’ve heard less and less from the mainstream media about the war in Iraq. The old adage “no news is good news” has never been truer.
That the media are no longer much interested in Iraq is a sure sign things are going well there. Instead, they’re talking about the presidential campaign, or Burma, or global warming, or . . . whatever.

Why? Simply put, the news from Iraq has been quite positive, as Petraeus related in his report to Congress. Consider:

• On Monday came news that U.S. military deaths in Iraq fell to 64 in September, the fourth straight drop since peaking at 121 in May and driving the toll to a 14-month low.

• Civilian deaths also have plunged, dropping by more than half from August to 884. Remember just six months ago all the talk of an Iraqi “civil war”? That seems to be fading.

• The just-ended holy month of Ramadan in Iraq was accompanied by a 40% drop in violence, even though al-Qaida had vowed to step up attacks.

• Speaking of al-Qaida, the terrorist group appears to be on the run, and possibly on the verge of collapse — despite making Iraq the center of its war for global hegemony and a new world order based on precepts of fundamentalist Islam.

• Military officials say U.S. troops have killed Abu Usama al-Tunisi, a Tunisian senior leader of al-Qaida in Iraq who was responsible for bringing foreign fighters into the country. Not surprisingly, the pace of foreign fighters entering Iraq has been more than halved from the average of 60 to 80 a month.

• Last month, 1,200 Iraqis waited patiently in line in Iraq’s searing heat to sign up to fight al-Qaida. They will join an estimated 30,000 volunteers in the past six months — a clear sign the tide has turned in the battle for average Iraqis’ hearts and minds.

• Finally, and lest you think it’s all death and destruction, there’s this: Five million Iraqi children returned to school last week, largely without incident, following their summer vacations.

None of this, of course, is accidental. The surge of 28,500 new troops announced by President Bush last February, and put in place in mid-June by Gen. Petraeus, seems to have worked extraordinarily well. Al-Qaida, though still a potent foe capable of committing mass atrocities, has been backpedaling furiously.

“They are very broken up, very unable to mass, and conducting very isolated operations” is how Brig. Gen. Joseph Anderson described al-Qaida’s situation in comments this week.

Things have gone so well, in fact, that leading Democratic contenders have stopped calling for a “timetable” for withdrawal and can’t even promise they’ll remove all the troops by 2013.

In short, the U.S. is — yes, we’ll use the word —winning the war against al-Qaida. And not just in Iraq. In fact, the only way we won’t win is if we do something very stupid — such as letting the overwhelmingly negative media convince us we can’t do what we clearly are doing.


“…such as letting the overwhelmingly negative media convince us we can’t do what we clearly are doing”.

Or letting the Democrats undermine the war effort.

Not since Vietnam has the American media been so hideously treasonous against its own country.  Most of the major TV and newspaper outlets go into a freeding frenzy at the mere whiff of a damaging story pertaining to the military or anything that will damage the U.S. and further the cause of our enemies.  They’re a rubber stamp for the Al Qaeda. 

Read any of the imbecilic rants by Thomas Friedman or Keith Olbermann.  Friedman writes for a rag best suited for lining a bird cage or just in case there’s only one scrap left on the shitpaper roll.  The NYT is a shill for every pro-terrorist gutterslug on the planet.  Its subscription numbers are plummeting and it’s dying a slow death. It couldn’t happen to a better media. Olbermann is a raving lunatic who fits the very description of his “Worst Person in the World” schtick.

Witness the fatuous comments from the mouths of Katie Couric, Tim Russert, or Chris Matthews.  It’s like a primer for Ayman al Zawahiri. 

But don’t you dare question their ‘patriotism’. 

They’re afraid to report the success of conquering the Taliban and al Qaeda for fear that somebody might think they’re ‘tools of the government’ or worse yet, not telling the whole truth about the war.  Hell, the only ‘truth’ they acknowledge is whatever gets spit out by  

The MSM likes to portray itself as the purveyor of ‘tough questions’. It’s hard to give creedence for ‘tough questions’ when the answers are pre-determined by nihilistic fifth column pimps. 

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