MSNBC Hack Opines About “Freedom Obsessed Americans”

Orwellian Newspeak: Freedom is Slavery

MSNBC analyst, Vice TV host and TIME editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas described for MSNBC’s audience how he thinks “freedom-obsessed” Americans end up being not free as a result, or some bullshit like that:




Yep, you’re damned skippy we’re obsessed with freedom. Otherwise, we’d be speaking with a British accent. We value civil liberties and every single amendment in the Bill Of Rights. The Constitution is a document of negatives. It prohibits the government from manufacturing authority it does not have.

When the police state reared its ugly head with lockdowns, human-tracking drones, intimidation, arresting people and citing them for being out of their homes, and harassing people for going to church, protests broke out all over the country. The Proglodytes were not pleased.

One of the biggest threats to liberty is the DemLeft, with their ideas of what’s good for the masses. They’re the fascists they warned us about.



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