Muslim Brotherhood Thug Tied to Clinton Foundation, Arrested in Egypt

Thanks Bubba. Not only were you a total douche when it came to the non-pursuit of muzzie terrorist swine, but you employed them, as well.

From the Free Beacon.

A senior Muslim Brotherhood official who, until recently, had been employed by the William J. Clinton Foundation was arrested in Cairo on Tuesday and charged with inciting violence.

Gehad el-Haddad served as one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s top communications officials until Egyptian security forces seized him as part of a wider crackdown on officials loyal to ousted former President Mohamed Morsi.

Before emerging as a top Brotherhood official and adviser to Morsi, el-Haddad served for five years as a top official at the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit group founded by former President Bill Clinton.

El-Haddad gained a reputation for pushing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda in the foreign press, where he was often quoted defending the Brotherhood’s crackdown on civil liberties in Egypt.

He was raised in a family of prominent Brotherhood supporters and became the public face of the Islamist organization soon after leaving his post at the Clinton Foundation.

However, much of his official work with the Brotherhood took place while he was still claiming to be employed by the Clinton Foundation.

Obama is far worse; taking Dhimmihood to a whole new level.

This collaboration with muslim thugs who want us dead has got to stop.  In case the Democrats have forgotten, we’re at war with a violent theocracy that has unequivocally declared its ambition for a world Caliphate, starting with America.

For some people, 9/11 didn’t hit close enough.

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