Muzzie States Losing Their Crush on Obama?

Aw, ain’t that a shame.

The people in Muslim countries are losing confidence in President Obama’s leadership since he gave a major outreach speech in Cairo last year, according to a worldwide poll released Thursday.

The survey by the Global Attitudes Project, a project of the Pew Research Forum, showed that Mr. Obama’s favorability ratings in Muslim countries dropped significantly from 2009 to 2010, as has support for his foreign-policy actions in the Middle East and South Asia.

For example, just 8 percent of Pakistanis think the U.S. president will “do the right thing” when dealing with international affairs, dropping five percentage points since 2009.

The “right thing” would be to devote more time “reaching out” to muslims.

While his rankings were higher in other Muslim nations, they were still low and had declined in the past year. Only 33 percent of Egyptians, 26 percent of Jordanians and 23 percent of Turks have confidence in the president’s leadership. Opinions of Mr. Obama are higher in Lebanon, with 43 percent of that country’s residents expressing confidence in the U.S. leader, though a majority (56 percent) still have “little or no confidence” in him.

Obama’s ratings were highest in Indonesia, where he spent part of his childhood. A healthy majority of Indonesians – 66 percent – have confidence in his leadership, though that number is still down from 71 percent last year.

Opinions of the president are also negative toward his dealings with specific policy areas. The survey shows strong disapproval of Obama’s performance on bringing peace between Israel and the Palestinians. For example, 90 percent of Lebanese and 88 percent of Egyptians disapprove of the way he has dealt with the conflict.

“Peace” in their little Koranic minds is abandoning support of Israel. Obama already threw Israel under the bus by criticizing its confrontation with the “humanitarian flotillas”; which were nothing less than terrorist-laden vessels.

Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Muslim American Society, said the results were unsurprising and called the Israeli-Palestinian issue the “big elephant in the room.”

……”The president’s popularity has decreased in the Muslim world, both abroad and at home, because he hasn’t focused on any of the issues he addressed,” Mr. Bray said. “I feel that one of the reasons he has not been able to do that, not because of a lack of desire, but rather the current status domestically has shifted his priorities.”

Mr. Bray also criticized Mr. Obama for not continuing his campaign’s Muslim outreach and not offering enough criticism of “Islamophobia” and profiling of Muslims at airport security.
“We feel he has not been as engaged in issues that are important to the Muslim community that we hoped he would be. There has been no civil rights meetings with the Muslim leadership. Other communities have been able to meet with the Obama administration, and that type of engagement has yet to happen.”

But, Mr. Bray cautioned, “people had unrealistic expectations of this president, both here and abroad.”

Newsflash, Bray:  Aside from the oil spill distraction, the “current status domestically” is one of anger, distrust, and flat out revolt.  Especially with the way Obama has dicked up our economy and national security.  The last thing any real American president should do, is give one hair on a dead camel jockey’s ass about “muslim outreach”, and fretting over “Islamophobia”.   If our TSA had any guts, every single muslim would be stopped, completely searched and questioned, and have their information run and through the watch list/no fly data base. As a matter of fact, any and all air traffic coming from the Middle East should be heavily scrutinized.  Anyone not an American citizen should be barred from coming into the country. 

We don’t give a fuck about your “civil rights”.  That idea stopped the day you and your ethnic/religious cohorts decided to pick up where you left off in the war on Western Civilization.

Ali Khan, national director of the American Muslim Center, said he thinks these foreign ratings even have an effect on American Muslims.

“It’s impacting a lot of Muslims,” he said. “And when they are talking about it, they are talking about it with their relatives overseas.”

……”Overall, the Muslim community loves Barack Obama,” he said. “We’re very happy. We know he has handled a rough situation, and he is doing the best he can. We are certainly much happier than we were under the Bush administration. We are much more peaceful.”

Read the whole thing:

Of course you’re much happier with a Dhimmi than an American president who had the balls to pick up the gauntlet you threw on 9/11 and shove it up your ass. The trouble is, even after all his bowing, “reaching out”, kowtowing, and apology tours, you’re still not happy enough.

The majority of the American people are fed up with B. Hussein and his overtures to a vile, despicable Islamic culture. We won’t hesitate to fight against an enemy hellbent on killing us, even if he doesn’t. We won’t tolerate any Islamization of America or your “victory” mosques on this soil; especially on the same block as ground zero.  And we don’t give a shit about your hurt feelings.

You want true happiness, Hadji? Pick a destination in the Middle East and buy a one-way ticket. That would make us much happier too.

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