Muzzie Suicide Bomb Instructor Sends Himself, Terrorists-in-Training to Hell

I love happy endings.

From BizPac Review.

Talk about final exams.

Terrorists-in-training at a camp in Iraq got a quick, deadly lesson in the art of suicide bombing Monday when their instructor used a demonstration belt that was loaded with live explosives…

The explosion at a training camp for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria killed 22 members of the group and wounded 15, according to The Times. Eight more were arrested as they tried to flee.

The instructor was known to Iraqi officials as a “prolific” recruiter of young men for suicide missions, according to The Times. But this time the virgins that terrorists are promised were waiting for him — not just some other poor sap.

He “was able to kill the bad guys for once,” (said) an Iraqi official…

In related happy news, Al Qaeda douchebags mistakenly beheaded one of their own during a murder frenzy.

That “Allah” has such a sense of humor.

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