My Response to Brit Hume Over John McCain

1 thought on “My Response to Brit Hume Over John McCain”

  1. He was apparently not so great in the Navy, either: Third or fourth from the bottom of his USNA class (having gained entry by virtue of his father and grandfather, both of whom were four-star admirals); barely made it through flight school; was a so-so pilot at best; was strapped into his A-4 Skyhawk when a cooked-off Zuni rocket hit it, causing the disastrous USS Forrestal fire; was shot down early in his first (and last) combat cruise; earned the nickname “Songbird” from his fellow inmates at the Hanoi Hilton (IYKWIMAITYD).

    And then he became perhaps the most vile, backstabbing RINO in the history of the GOP, second only the the First RINO himself.

    To paraphrase Mr. Clemens: I do not speak ill of the dead, but I enjoyed reading his obituary.

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