National Intelligence Council Nominee Panders to Islamic Radicals

Chas Freeman, former ambassador to and financial beneficiary of Saudi Arabia, and current head of the Saudi-funded Middle East Policy Council, has been tapped by Obama to head the National Intelligence Council.

A sample of Freeman’s ‘diplomacy’ can be found in his writings on the Chinese brutality at Tiananmen Square and his blame America rant for 9/11.

I do not believe it is acceptable for any country to allow the heart of its national capital to be occupied by (Chinese) dissidents intent on disrupting the normal functions of government…

……I cannot conceive of any American government behaving with the ill-conceived restraint that the Zhao Ziyang administration did in China…

Didja get that? The bloody crackdown on free-speech dissidents in China was “restraint”.

For a glimpse into Freeman’s ideology and batshit crazy Islamo-apologist leanings:

And what of America’s lack of introspection about September 11? Instead of asking what might have caused the attack, or questioning the propriety of the national response to it, there is an ugly mood of chauvinism. Before Americans call on others to examine themselves, we should examine ourselves.

Another link:

This shameless Islamo-tool is a candidate for a prominant agency responsible for America’s national security. Just. Fucking. Wonderful.
Hey Chas, how bout examining the real reasons for 9/11, like Saudi funding, indoctrination, and the spread of Wahabi extremism that helped produce the terrorists who attacked this country.

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