NBC Finally Reports on Fast and Furious, Brian Williams Hardest Hit

From Fox News.

This was the first time the network had covered “Fast and Furious” though the scandal dates back more than a year. For a whole year, stubborn, Obama-supporting network news execs probably thought the whole embarrassing episode would disappear. When it finally didn’t, NBC covered it as you might expect – poorly and with spin.

Anchor Brian Williams set up the piece and the GOP at the same time. “In Washington today, Attorney General Eric Holder took heavy fire from Republican critics in a Senate hearing and calls for his resignation are growing louder, but Democrats contend it’s all about politics in an election season.” Viewers could easily note what seemed to be disdain in his voice when Williams mentioned the idea of “resignation,” but then again, he was probably just upset and resigned to doing the story.

Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell then took over, repeating the Williams theme that this was all about a Republican ax to grind. — And certainly never about an American border agent being killed by guns that Holder did everything but Fed-Ex to Mexican drug lords. — Williams and O’Donnell mentioned Republicans seven times and Democrats just twice because this was a “long simmering conflict between Republicans and Attorney General Eric Holder.”

Just in case you missed it, it’s just politics to NBC: “Republicans leveled a series of accusations – the latest over national security leaks – that Republicans allege could involve senior Obama administration officials.” “Holder refused Republican demands for an outside special counsel.” “Another controvery? Republicans claim Holder has misled and refused to cooperate with Congress’s investigation of a failed operation that sent US guns into Mexico codenamed ‘Fast and Furious.’”

Bitter much? Maybe NBC is tired of being stomped by competitor CBS News worse than watching a skateboarding competition between Tony Hawk and Williams. Even then, no matter how bad Williams would do, at least he’d have to show up. And that’s something NBC was incapable of managing for more than a year.

The NBC/MSNBC conglomerate love affair with Obama flared up when GE President Jeffery Immelt and NBC Uni CEO Jeff Zucker censored shareholders who criticized MSNBC’s political slant.

Williams usually brings knee pads for Obama interviews. His slobbering mancrush on Obama makes my gaydar go off.

It must have given him a real case of depression to have to report on Obama’s gunrunning disaster.

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2 thoughts on “NBC Finally Reports on Fast and Furious, Brian Williams Hardest Hit”

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  2. off the reservation

    A great deal of truth revealed here. When it comes to the people that serve this country to protect its citizens and defend the US Constitution, liberals have great loathing. Nothing makes a liberal happier than to see a soldier being dragged through the streets of Muslim country, burned, and the smoldering corpse hanged from a bridge. That soldier did not ask to be there; but, liberals enjoy finding them easy targets.

    The bolder patrol agent killed by one of Obama/Holders guns, he was doing his job to protect our country. These liberals want to run cover for these disgusting criminals in the White House, just for an opportunity to pull a Lewinsky on Obama in the Oval Office.

    Liberals use our laws as tools to manipulate and control, not for justice. A catch phrase I saw on the back of a car driven by a liberal: “No Peace Without Justice.” I agree, 100%. How did I know this car was driven by a liberal? Other stickers with “COEXIST” and “Obama 2012” and “Save the Whales” adorned the bumper. So, you liberals know that the injustice can go for just so long before the slaughter starts.

    Liberals are more and more concerned about their selfish desires. Obama wanted to create a situation (Fast and Furious) so he could implement gun control laws. More liberal laws, more injustice. With the voting process corrupted (again no justice) what is left for a conservative to do? You liberals may think that you are being really crafty. Just like every criminal, it will cost the liberal/democrat in the end when justice is finally served.

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