New Jersey Teacher’s Unions Gone Wild

James O’Keefe, the young conservative investigative reporter who busted Obama’s corrupt ACORN pals, has released new videos showing members of the New Jersey Education Association whooping it up on the taxpayers dime, venting their spleens at Governor Chris Christie for his tough, no-nonsense approach to union thugs, and bragging about their job invincibility.

Via The Daily Caller.

Conservative activist James O’Keefe released two new videos in Monday in which unionized New Jersey educators appear to boast about how it’s virtually impossible to fire tenured teachers, even those who make racist statements to students.

O’Keefe, best known as the force behind last year’s ACORN scandal, said the first video was shot at a meeting of the New Jersey Education Association in August. Entitled Teachers Gone Wild, the tape shows people identified as teachers speaking in what appears to be a hotel lounge, as well as in a conference room. O’Keefe says the video was gathered by a “team of videographers,” whom he and his colleagues at Veritas Visuals hooked up with hidden microphones and cameras. O’Keefe says the journalists “weren’t in costumes.”

In one video, Alissa Ploshnick, who is identified as a special educator at Passaic Public Schools, seems to verify the worst suspicions of education reformers. “It’s really hard to fire a tenured teacher,” she says. “It’s really hard – like you seriously have to be in the hallway fucking somebody.”

As an example, Ploshnick said, “we had a teacher that just recently was like – you NIGGER,” adding that the teacher was demoted, but is still teaching.

O’Keefe is organizing an event Monday in front of New Jersey’s statehouse in Trenton to call for that specific teacher’s identification – and dismissal.

“We think that that’s unconscionable that a teacher could call a student the ‘N-word’ and we can’t fire the teacher,” O’Keefe said in a phone interview with The Daily Caller. “We’ve got Dr. Laura getting fired for using racial slurs. Then we’ve got teachers calling kids the ‘N-word’ and we can’t even fire them.”

O’Keefe said that one of his colleagues, Shaughn Adeleye, posed as a concerned parent and called an administrator at Passaic public schools, where the racial incident purportedly occurred. Lawrence Everett, who according to the Passaic City Schools website is the district’s assistant superintendent, is quoted in O’Keefe’s second video as saying that while a teacher calling a student the “N-word” is “definitely unacceptable,” the teacher in question could not be fired immediately because of “contractual stipulations.”

…….The NJEA has not responded to TheDC’s request for comment.’keefe-video-shows-teachers-bragging-about-bulletproof-tenure-rules-2/

The video:


Christie’s office responds:

Christie’s spokesperson Michael Drewniak on Monday told The Asbury Park Press the videos were “distressing – and revealing – to say the least.”

Wanna bet Christie’s actual response was a bit stronger?

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