New York to Investigate Sanitation Union and Claims of Deliberate Snow Removal Slowdown

It’s unions….in New York. What do you expect?

New York City’s government watchdog agency is investigating reports that some Sanitation Department supervisors told workers not to clear snow during a post-Christmas blizzard that left some roads unplowed for three days.

“What we are looking at is whether there was intentional misconduct relating to the snow removal, whether or not there was a slowdown,” said Diane Struzzi, a spokeswoman for the Department of Investigation, an independent law-enforcement agency.


City Councilman Dan Halloran, a Republican from Whitestone, Queens, said five city employees contacted him to complain that supervisors were telling workers not to plow some roads as payback in a labor dispute with the city over the demotion of 100 Sanitation Department supervisors, about 10 percent of the supervisory force. The New York Post reported Halloran’s comments this week.

“Some supervisors, disgruntled they were being demoted for no reason, were looking to take it out on the mayor,” Halloran said in an interview. He said he had no proof of an organized slowdown.

If laws were broken, the Department of Investigation will take “appropriate actions,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

“I don’t know whether it took place, but if it did it’s a disgrace,” the mayor said on WOR radio today.

If the allegations pan out, the deaths caused by their neglect are going to bring beaucoup lawsuits:

A Queens woman who was having trouble breathing and a baby born in a apartment building lobby reportedly died after emergency crews had difficulty reaching them due to snow-covered streets.

The 75-year-old woman’s daughter and neighbors called 911 for 20 minutes on Monday, according to the NY Daily News. After finally getting through, they allegedly waited three hours for EMS to arrive at their home in Corona. The woman had died.

Her daughter, Laura Freeman, told the paper that EMS workers did all they could to reach her mother.

State Senator Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) is demanding an inquiry into the woman’s death.

“The city must immediately determine whether the death of Yvonne Freeman can be attributed to the impact the snowstorm had on the city’s ability to respond to emergencies–from an overburdened 911 system to unplowed streets impeding timely movement of emergency vehicles and lifesaving equipment,” said Peralta.

Meanwhile, a baby born inside a lobby in Crown Heights on Monday to a 22-year-old woman died after a 911 call was made nine hours earlier.

The Daily News cites sources who said the baby was unconscious and unresponsive by the time firefighters and cops reached the newborn at about 6 p.m.

The college student’s mother reportedly said no one could get to her daughter.

FOX 5 News reporter Antwan Lewis was outside the building at 97 Brooklyn Avenue on Wednesday morning. The street had still not been plowed.

The bombshell:

……on Thursday, Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) said five, guilt-ridden workers came forward admitting to the slow-down.

Speaking with Good Day New York, Halloran said supervisors were fingered as the culprits in retaliation to demotions and staff cuts at the Sanitation Department.

“We had two groups come in. One was a group of three rank-and-file sanitation workers and the other was two DOT supervisors. The came in separately and more or less said supervisors in the Sanitation Department basically gave workers the thumbs up to not tackle the snow is a way which was productive,” said Halloran.

The city councilman described what went into the slow-down as was told to him by the workers and DOT supervisors who came forward.

Early on the focus on clearing the streets was aimed at Manhattan over the outer-boroughs. Secondly, supervisors were not plotting courses of action to tackle secondary and tertiary roads in the outer-boroughs. Thirdly, many drivers would make their rounds without having the plow directly making contact with the street, essentially ‘working’ their shifts, but not clearing the snow.

“This appears to have come from supervisors… it was a station-by-station operation. Clearly this was not a decision across the board as some areas were cleared,” added Halloran.

The New York Post , which first reported evidence of the slow-down, cited sources who said that one mechanic purposely smashed plows and salt spreaders during the blizzard clean-up.

“One-hundred sanitation workers were slated for reduction in rank- through no fault of their own- and that was going into effect this week,” said Halloran.

When questioned about the report on Thursday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he doesn’t think it took place.

“The budget cuts we’re thinking of making have not been implemented. The Sanitation Department had the same amount of men its had in other times. We went into this with the same plows and the same training if not more, and the results were very different… that’s what we’re going to look at,” answered Bloomberg in Queens.

Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, who was also on hand at the news conference, added that an investigation into the allegations will take place.

A lot of these derelicts called in “sick”:

It was a real snow job.

Between 660 and 720 Sanitation workers called in sick for the cleanup of last week’s blizzard — more than double the usual rate, The Post has learned.

About 11 to 12 percent of the Sanitation Department’s 6,000-strong force didn’t show up for work on Monday or Tuesday, city officials confirmed, as 20 inches of snow brought the Apple to a near-standstill.

The spotty snow response sparked reports of a deliberate slowdown by some Sanitation supervisors angered by City Hall cost-cutting measures. The Department of Investigation is looking into the allegations.

The city suffered and people died because union thugs wanted to show everybody who’s boss. That’s just standard procedure for unions; from the SEIU to the AFL-CIO. Unions are a mob with a mob mentality.

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