News-Journal Pulls Gun Owner Map After Burglaries and Law Suits

After considerable backlash, Janet “I’m telling on you” Hasson has pulled the map she posted of all the legal gun owners in the Westchester and Rockland counties of New York.  She claims it’s because of Cuomo’s self-serving, bat-shit stupid new gun control law, rather than a response to the outrage over her feckless tactic.

Senator Greg Ball, who has waged a passionate crusade against the Journal News’ map, released a statement entitled, “VICTORY AGAINST IDIOCY AT JOURNAL NEWS”:

“Thank God the Journal News has finally realized the error in their judgment and done the right thing. Whether they did this responding to the public’s outcry or because they were simply fearful of getting sued due to the rash of burglaries and threats against law enforcement and victims of domestic violence, we will never know. Regardless, I am proud to have passed legislation keeping the Journal News from doing this ever again and proud to have been shoulder to shoulder with thousands of residents who were dealt a crappy hand by the eggheads at the Journal News. I look forward to them creating an interactive map of level three sexual predators, rapists and felons with illegal gun purchases, but I won’t hold my breath.”

The little chickenshit had better get ready for some lawsuits. That map she posted endangered home owners and resulted the theft of handguns, permits, and safes from the home of a man whose name and address were listed on Hasson’s little map.  That was the second crime in one week, thanks to Janet. There’s more of that to come, including murder.

Janet: You’re not fooling anyone. You didn’t pull your little map because of Cuomo’s self-serving, bat-shit stupid ‘gun control’ law, you pulled it because of the crimes that resulted due to your feckless and malicious harassment of law-abiding citizens. Get ready for lawsuits, bitch. I hope you go bankrupt.

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