Nidal Hasan to Face Death Penalty

The Army said Wednesday that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, accused of killing 13 people in a rampage on Fort Hood in 2009, will face the death penalty.

Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell Jr., the post’s commander, ordered a capital murder trial after reviewing recommendations from an Army colonel who presided over an evidentiary hearing last year.

Fort Hood’s action sets the stage for a trial that most likely will take place in about a year. While Campbell ordered a court-martial that allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty, Hasan must still be arraigned and a judge selected. In addition to being charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, Hasan faces another 32 specifications of attempted premeditated murder.

Defense attorney John Galligan, a retired Army colonel whose career as a judge and lawyer spans more than 30 years, suggested that he would seek a change of venue, but did not say if he preferred Fort Sam Houston, which is close to a major military hospital that can care for his client. Shot four times, Hasan is paralyzed from the chest down and bound to a wheelchair.

Corn said a venue change likely would be denied, but Galligan said he preferred to try the case “anywhere but Fort Hood.”

The Army should not waste time and effort on a trial for this piece of shit.  Just wheel that motherfucker out into an open field and fire as many rounds into his filthy Islamic jihadist ass as it took to kill 13 Soldiers.  Then strap a bomb to his corpse, blow it to smithereens, scrape up the pieces/parts, and bury them in a hole with a pig carcass.

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