‘Normal’ Muzzies Prove Islamic Extremism is the Norm

From The Blaze.

Video taken at a Norwegian Islamic conference in March appears to show self-described “normal” Muslims approving of stoning adulterers and other “punishment described in the Koran,” as well as men and women sitting separately. The participants — and especially the speaker — seem take the stance that such positions are not “radical.”

The video was first publicized by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) in May and then lightly covered by various blogs in the past week.

For three days in March of this year, thousands of Muslims attended a conference in Oslo, Norway, organized by Islam Net. During the event, a question about the media’s treatment of Muslims on topics like separation of men and women and the treatment of gays, was posed by an audience member. The event’s moderator and organizer, Fahad Qureshi, addressed the question to a room packed with an estimated 1,500 people.

In his response, Qureshi surveyed the crowd about their feelings on issues often associated with the more radical segments of Islam, including topics like separating men and women, stoning of gays, and the stoning of women believed to be unfaithful.

Qureshi first asked, “How many of you are normal Muslims, Sunni Muslims.” With only a couple of exceptions, virtually every hand was raised.  He then asked, “How many of you agree that men and women should sit separate?”

The questioning continued, “How many of you agree that the punishment described in the Koran and sunna – whether it’s death, whether it is stoning for adultery, whatever it is, if it’s s from Allah and his messenger – that is the best punishment ever possible for humankind – and that is what we should apply in the world? Who agrees with that?”

Again, the vote was virtually unanimous.

“Are you all radical extremists? … No one.”

After getting nearly unanimous agreement on stoning of gays and adulterous women, Qureshi asked: “How many of you go to the normal Sunni mosques?”

Almost every hand in the room was raised in response.

“So what’s the politicians gonna say now?” Qureshi asked in response. “What’s the media gonna say now? That we’re all extremists?”

Yep, that’s because you are. Last I checked, any ‘religion’ that incorporates the kind of draconian misogynist, anti-‘infidel’, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Western violence you practice in the name of ‘Islam’, is pretty fucking extreme.


This could just as easily been Dearbornistan, Michigan. It’s happening right here in America. In our military, our schools, and our government.

The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Jamaat Al Fuqura, and the Arab-American Action Network,  are terrorist groups and facilitators that operate carte blanche within our borders. It’s time we kicked their asses out of the country with a one-way ticket to an Islamofascist cesspool of their choice.

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