North Carolina College Refuses Illegals

Why in the hell are they permitted enrollment in the first place????

The N.C. Community College System will no longer allow illegal immigrants to enroll in curriculum degree programs.

Community college officials made the announcement on Tuesday in response to recent advice from N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office.

“We asked the Attorney General’s Office for clarification of our present policy and will abide by their advice,” N.C. Community College System President R. Scott Ralls said in a statement. “We will continue to be a primary source of economic advancement for the state by providing world-class education and work force training to every student eligible to enroll.”

Tuesday’s announcement reverses the policy updated in November, which stated all 58 community colleges could admit illegal aliens who pay out-of-state tuition, are 18 years or older and high school graduates. At the time, the Attorney General’s office supported the N.C. Community College System’s “open door” policy.

“We have researched and Nash Community College does not have any illegal immigrants enrolled in curriculum degree programs,” President Dr. Bill Carver said in a statement. “Therefore, at this time, we are not impacted by the policy change.”

Edgecombe Community College serves illegal immigrants that are enrolled in Edgecombe County Public Schools, but it does not have any enrolled in general curriculum degree courses, Lamm said.

Now if only the public schools would follow suit.

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