North Carolina Student Who Videoed Teacher Who Said Obama’s Critics Could be Jailed, Faces Harassment

Social studies teacher and blowhard Tanya Dixon-Neely, told her students at North Rowan High School they could be jailed for criticizing Obama. She spewed a rant that lasted several minutes and was caught on video by student  Hunter Rogers, who has now been persecuted by the school administration for exposing the screeching incompetent moonbat.

From Big Government.

Remember one month ago, when a high-school junior in the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina videotaped his teacher yelling at another student that he was being disrespectful for criticizing Barack Obama and that his behavior was a criminal offense?

The young man who did the videotaping had a hellish time finishing the school year. In an interview with Breitbart News, the young man’s sister described the ensuing weeks after the videotape. She said that some of the other students have said they are out to get the young man; the teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely, has relatives who are students in the school. The young man’s family, fearing for his safety, requested for the young man to finish the last three weeks of school at home, but the school refused. Instead, the school offered for the young man to come to school after the other students were already in class, be secluded from other students during the school day and leave before school ended.

According to the videotaper’s sister, not only did the school authorities reject the appeal for home-schooling, they gave him a suspension on his school record for videotaping in the classroom — the first suspension ever issued for such an action, despite the fact that other students have also videotaped on school grounds.

The young man’s sister stated that assistant principal Antoine Brisbon said to her brother, “That was a very stupid thing you did. You have damaged the school. Our staff is taking a beating because our phones are nonstop. This is all over the country.” She also said that after the video was released, Tanya Dixon-Neely started making indirect remarks at the young man accusing him of stabbing her in the back. The family tried to find another school for the young man, but the sister said the schools that are close enough are worse.

Meanwhile, Dixon-Neely received a ten-day suspension, but she will be back in the fall. Since the young man will be returning as a senior, he may have her as a teacher. Even if he does not, he will be reentering a poisonous atmosphere without support from the school.

Just what does it take for a teacher to be fired these days?

If Brisbon thinks the school took a beating over Dixon-Neely’s batshit stupid behavior, just wait until there’s outrage over the harassment. These slugs never learn.

By the way, it looks like the moonbat gets to keep her job.

She lied and threatened students for disagreeing with her weapons-grade idiocy, and she gets to keep her job.  If she were an advocate of George W. Bush and did that, she would have been unceremoniously fired the same day.

Principal: Mr. Darrell McDowell
North Rowan High School
300 North Whitehead Avenue
Spencer, NC 28159
Fax 704-639-3033Telephone: (704) 636-4420

Principal’s email:

Antoine Brisbon’s email:

Administration website:

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