Note to Frank Rich: Here’s Your ‘Violent Escalation’

I sent an e-mail to NYT hack Frank Rich, in response to his asinine column complaining about individuals at a few McCain/Palin rallies shouting “Treason” and “Terrorist” in reference to Obama.


Although treason and terrorist are accurate descriptions related to Obama’s associates, Frank is oblivious to the ‘Weimar-like rage’ and “violent escalation of rhetoric’ in the leftwing lunatic fringe.

From an email sent to Wake Up America website:

I was at a Sarah Palin event in Philadelphia, at the Park Hyatt Hotel – late Saturday afternoon (Oct. 11th). If you are easily grossed out by the “C” word, I am sorry. But as Andrea says below, if McCain supporters wore a shirt that said “Obama is a Nigger” or even “Obama is a Bastard” or “Obama is a Terrorist” at an Obama Rally, they would either be thrown off the premises, have their heads kicked in, or even be detained at the local police station (I know this for a fact: I just had on a McCain button at a recent Obama event and I didn’t think I was going to get out alive).

Sorry the picture is not clearer. But these four young people were right in front of the hotel. They have on the nicest shirts. There were worse. There was group as well carrying around a fake dead fetus – exclaiming that “abortion should have been the path for Bristol(?) Palin”. And quite a few smoke bombs, etc. etc.

I also had some nice words thrown at me.

There were about 500 organized protesters. And about 500 not so organized at this event. The police and hotel security and secret service were letting me all the way up to the hotel steps. In a few cased … a few protesters got into the lobby.

In my family, the “C” word is about as bad as you can get.

Was this reported on the Philadelphia News. No!. Was anyone outraged? No!. All that was on the Philadelphia local news last night was: Obama was at several rallies in Philadelphia earlier in the day (but went home Saturday night to be with his children). Obama and Palin were in Philly on the same day. And was there any mention of Palin – No!. In the Sports section of the local evening news at 11:00PM, they did mention that Palin was at the Philadelphia Flyers game “dropping the first (hockey) puck”. The guy said it with a smirk. Then he added that Sarah Palin WAS NOT going home to spend the evening with her children.

Sorry the attached picture is not clearer. I need a new camera. Please circulate this to as many people as possible and let them see the double standard.

Not good stuff for a Sunday morning. But this is the REAL AMERICA!.

– Frank (Last name redacted for privacy by WUA management).

The same t-shirt was modeled by an Obama supporter ‘Rhiannon’ on his own website, before it ‘disappeared’.

Here is the cached page before it was altered:

Want more escalation, Frank?

Outside on Broad Street, waiting for Palin to leave, one man was heard saying: “Let’s stone her, old school.”…ty_of_boos.html

The citizen journalist who first revealed Barack Obama’s “bitter” remarks about small-town Americans has received death threats from Obama supporters.

Mayhill Fowler of Oakland, Calif., has been covering the Democratic presidential campaign and submitting her stories to the “Off the Bus” section of the Huffington Post Web site.…4/15/88034.html

This was sent to Michelle Malkin:

From: JBD
Date: Apr 17, 2006 8:17 PM
Subject: I guess it’s time…

To post not only YOUR personal information on the web, but that of your family as well…After all, Michelle, it’s only fair. Hmmm…who should we start with and where shall we post it? You are a reprehensible excuse of a human being.

Jake Daab…ts-strike-back/

Obama Supporters Issue Death Threats Against Critic…inst-critic.php

Have you been avoiding the frothing loonies on HuffPo, DailyKos, and the DU? They have rants and calls for death every day. You’ll get a daily dose of all the ‘violent escalation’ you need.

I don’t see Biden or Obama refuting them. Tacit disapproval doesn’t count, sweetpea.

Oh yeah Frank, BTW:

Here’s some of their ‘artistic’ endeavors:

How come your panties aren’t in a wad, Frank?

More of that leftwing moonbat rage for your edification:

The Democratic Underground’s latest thread for commenters to come up with nicknames and posters to slime GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — and then to “spread [them] all over the ‘net.” There are now nearly 100 filthy, hate-filled responses and counting. Among the “nicer” entries: “Cruella,” “Gidget,” “Governor Jesus Camp,” “VPILF,” “Fertilla the Huntress,” “Iditabroad,” and “KILLER PYSCHO FUNDIE BITCH FROM HELL!!”

Madonna’s and Sarah Bernhard’s terms of endearment for Sarah Palin:

They disrespect our nation’s fallen heroes:

Indianapolis, April 12 – Eighteen-year-old Joshua Miner left court without comment or explanation Tuesday morning. But ultimately, just like the memorial at the downtown Indianapolis canal and the hundreds of hearts that saw it, his silence will be broken.

“That’s why we have a judicial system and I think it will be a fair process,” says memorial designer Eric Fulford.

Until the roughly $10,000 repair is made, there are no longer 3,460 Medal of Honor recipients listed at the canal, and police say its because of Miner.

He has been charged with criminal mischief for allegedly breaking the glass panel at the Congressional Medal of Honor Monument two weeks ago.

They also threaten and assault military personnel.

The left spews anti-Bush assassination chic, altered photos of McCain and Palin in very grotesque depictions, and commits vandalism and unhinged acts of violence, but you’re wrapped around the liberal axle over a couple of people screaming “treason” and “terrorist” at McCain rallies.

You see Frank, the Democratic left created this virulent atmosphere. Especially since Vietnam, the MSM, Democrat politicians, and their public supporters have supported America’s enemies and shown a blatant animosity toward the very country that nurtures their rights.

None of you have yet to flee this country and go to a communist/socialist/Islamofascist utopia of your choice. Your frustration lies in the fact that in spite of the inroads to our media and government, a large portion of America refuses to buy the Manifesto you’re selling.

Mind-boggling isn’t it?

If you’re keeping track of ‘violent escalation’, you’ve got some catching up to do.

Now, hurry along, Frank. Tell us all about the ‘peaceful, tolerant’ nature of supporters at the next Obama gathering.

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