NRCC Sent the Perfect Gift to DCCC After Tearful Meeting About Biden



Democrats have been in panic mode since President Biden’s debate debacle last month. Though the president has so far resisted pressure from donors, pundits, and some elected officials to step aside, he’s dug his heels in, making it clear in a letter to congressional Democrats on Monday that he’s staying in the race.

That reality has hit swing-district Democrats particularly hard. According to an Axios report, a meeting among these members on Tuesday ended in “actual tears.”

“Just before House Democrats’ Tuesday morning “come-to-Jesus” meeting on President Biden’s path forward, a smaller group of swing-district Democrats held what sources described as a despondent gathering with “actual tears.”

Why it matters: The bloc of battleground House Democrats is one of the last firm pockets of a rapidly disintegrating movement on Capitol Hill to get Biden off the ticket.

  • One shell-shocked lawmaker who was present at the meeting would offer only one word to characterize it: “Intense.”
  • Another described the mood as “pretty much unanimous” that Biden has “got to step down,” adding, “There were actual tears from people, and not for Biden.””

To help them in this difficult time, the National Republican Congressional Committee on Wednesday sent flowers, a sympathy card, and a box of tissues to DCCC Chairwoman Suzan DelBene.


Biden’s corrupt malfeasance was fine. But as soon as his dementia got too much to ignore, they jumped like rats from a sinking ship.


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