Nutroots On The Internet (UPDATED)

Sites like the DemocraticUnderground, Huffington Post, and the DailyKos have their share of loonies, but this one:,  provides a fascinating glimpse into the frenetic mind of an escapee from the laughing academy. The old link is broken. He’s created a new site for his insanity here:

He didn’t give his real name but went  by the pseudonym “Voxfux”.

Every inch of it; from top to bottom and squeezed into every margin is a litany of Bush Derangement Syndrome,  CIA plots to take over the human race with brain-implanted microchips,  9/11 ‘troofer’ crap, wild-assed conspiracy “theories”, and stuff that’s so rambling and incoherent, it would take someone with his unique type of paranoid schizophrenia to think it makes ‘sense’.

A sample of his hilarious repertoire:

by voxfux

Tonight my home was broken into. Whether it was a typical, “Black Bag Job,” by the FBI or whether it was by a private intelligence group contracted by the Bushes or their handlers I cannot be sure. And whether their goal is surveillance or to “accident” or “suicide” me in unclear. I am sure of this – THE PIGS ARE CIRCLING. I can smell them breathing down my neck. Thank god they leave traces of their movements.

In the past year, the surveillance of me has been at a distance. FBI agents posing as theatre lovers, for many months now, have appeared at clubs and theaters that I frequent – they stand out like pie balding sore thumbs – Especially because the club is full of young performance artists – When these FBI types show up, it’s as subtle as an atomic bomb in a field of daisies, it is impossible for them to cloak their origins. It is cointelpro. Their whole appearance screams out “I AM AN FBI AGENT.” Lucky for me that you really can judge books by their covers these days. The covers on these guys, or lack thereof, tell the whole story. They are FBI from top to bottom. But so far they have been well behaved. Appearing to be playing by the rules.

In these past months they have kept their distance – always there observing but never in my face. Whenever I suspect that I am being followed I usually confront the person in a casual way and observe their reactions to a series of casual interactions and control questions and random banter. It’s not difficult to assess the semeiotics of their gestures, voice and responses.

Lately however their presence is tighter and they have made their presence felt either intentionally or accidently because of the increased intensity of their activity regarding my exposes of their bosses. – Either way, I feel they are tightening their circle around me.

I keep an “Incident Log” of all suspicious activity around me and lately that log has been active. Last Tuesdays log had a 5:00AM incident where what looked like a sicilian hit man was a little too close for comfort. I followed and photographed this suspicious mans activities and approached him and casually interacted with him and prodded him with a few control questions – This fucker failed the test and it put a chill in my spine because guy definitely did not look like the typical usually professional FBI type. This guy seemed like a contract hit man. I have his photo which is included in the updated log and distributed to several friendly media sources in the event of any premature departure these and other photos of suspicious persons from my old brooklyn address will be published on the internet.

How much money will they spend to kill the truth remains to be seen. I do know that the last Gestapo style raid on my premises was a massive and highly coordinated effort costing tens if not hundreds of thousands of US taxpayer’s dollars. And the continued surveillance alone for so many months must be bringing this bill into the millions. Why? Why would anyone spend so much effort to silence my writings if they are incorrect? The answer is because my writings connect the dots that these New World Order so called elitists would rather not have connected.
The following are the names and subjects which I believe are threads that tie the whole New World Order into a chilling tapestry. They are the very face of evil and they are all connected. Here are just some of the subjects and events and names and organizations of the New World Order that are chillingly interconnected and paint a grim portrait of the upper echelons of US “Society.”

the CIA
The Council of Foreign Relations
The Jesuit Order
The Knights of Malta (Father Ritter (Child Molester), George H.W. Bush)
Child Sex Rings (the Franklin Coverup)
Child Sexual Slavery (Saudi connection)
George Herbert Walker Bush (poppy)
The Catholic Church
The Scull and Bones Society (founded on opium trafficking fortunes)
Drug Trafficking (US military intervention in heroin and cocaine producing countries)(CIA)
The Israeli Mossad (reportedly founded by the same group who founded the CIA – the Jesuits)
Osama Bin Laden (double agent – who now simply cannot reveal that truth)
The Rockefellers (eugenics race purification)
AIDS (very definitely a manufactured virus with the purpose to kill off non white and homosexual populations)
Eugenics (the Purification of race)
The Nazis (Eugenics – anti-Semitism)
US oil industries
The Kennedy assassination
Bohemian Grove
The Franklin Coverup
Bilderberg Group
the Trilateral Commission

Holy shit. He forgot the Hale-Bopp comet and little green men.

He splurges on:

If by chance an “accident” should befall me or if by chance I receive a bullet hole in my head while being “suicided” or during a “botched Robbery.” DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT FOR ONE MOMENT.


The fact is, I am a hard target because I am too fucking careful and obsessive about my security procedures – Precisely because of the known history of suspicious deaths that “happen” to people like myself when they focus on the people I am writing about.
The fact is that it is an easy matter to contract out a hit these days. 10 or 20 thousand dollars is all that is required and there are way too many willing parties who would do the job. And there will always be complicit local “law enforcement” who would be eager to assist.

I think “Napoleon XIV” said it best:

And they’re coming to take me away ha-haaa
They’re coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white coats
And they’re coming to take me away ha haaa!!

His last ‘transmission’ from the ozone was in November of 2004.

He’s probably in the padded cell right next to Napoleon.

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