NYC Pays Tribute to Islamofascism

Just fucking amazing.

New York’s iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan, officials said.

“This is the first time that the Empire State Building will be illuminated for Eid, and the lighting will become an annual event in the same tradition of the yearly lightings for Christmas and Hannukah,” according to a statement.

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month, is expected to be celebrated in New York from Friday, depending on when the new moon is sighted, and the city’s tallest skyscraper will remain green until Sunday.

So, you’re lighting up the Empire State building in recognition of an Islamofascist holiday? Hello, are you nuts? Look at your skyline, Mayor Bloomberg. See anything missing? You’re giving a ‘green’ light to the thugs who attacked this country. Way to go, NYC.  Show ‘diversity’; suck up to a ‘religion’ that is a threat to western civilization. Ignore the fact that we’re at war  with the proponents of this ‘religion’. Can you imagine Japan’s State Shintoism or Germany’s Nazism being displayed the same way in WWII? I fought in the GWOT just to come home to see a major city become a Dhimmi sychophant? Congratulations, Bloomberg.  The al Qaeda loves you. 

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