Obama and Hurricane Sandy Have Things in Common

The widespread damage, in particular.

The difference is that the hurricane’s aftermath hurricane will give the ailing construction industry a huge boost.  As Jay Leno half-joked, Sandy has created more jobs than Obama.
New York is reeling from the devastation. Gas stations have reopened only to see long lines and short tempers.

Lest you think bad weather is a crime deterrent, check out this video of gangsta thugs beating and robbing 21-year-old Jeremy Furchtgott as the storm struck New York City.  A brutha’s gotta have a phone and money for emergencies. (MORE HERE and HERE)  So far, the animals who attacked Jeremy have not been identified. Go figure.

Governor Cuomo is requesting that the federal government cover the estimated $6 billion cost of recovery. Good luck with that, since Obama thinks “green” eco-scams, ObamaCare, and bailout/takeover of industries are more deserving of our tax dollars.

The Red Cross is being slammed for lack of any response.

So far FEMA hasn’t shown up, either.

Here in Ohio, we sustained wind and water damage and 249,546 homes and businesses lost power.

Breakdown of damage by state, HERE.

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