Obama and Vladimir Putin Have Some Things in Common

Hat tip to Andrew Mellon at  Big Government.

Litvinenko, a former KGB/FSB agent who left the service and defected to London was a staunch critic of the Putin regime, and apparently knew too much for the Kremlin to bare.  For Litvinenko implicated the Russian government in a variety of terrorist attacks, abroad for example through their training of Al-Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri in 1998, and disgustingly at home through an attempted bombing of an apartment complex in 1999, and the infamous 2002 Moscow theater and 2004 Beslan school attacks.

I recently read his book Allegations, which in light of recent events is proving quite prescient.

One argument he makes that should resonate with all of us regards political resistance to the criminal Russian government:

There is no need to break any law, even most cruel one, in order to remain humans and citizens. All we need to do is to take a civic stance, to demand that the authorities strictly obey the constitution. Putin and his propaganda team know this, so they try to divide us, to set us against each other. In doing so, the Kremlin strategists appeal to the lowest instincts, using every ethnic, religious or property differences we may have. That is exactly why we must understand that our common enemy now is Putin’s regime (Allegations, 100).

Wow. Sound familiar?

In case Litvinenko’s assertions don’t ring a bell, here’s some recent examples from our own current White House/Congress/Senate regime:

Obama’s “truth squads”:

Rampant violations of the Constitution:

The attempts to squelch freedom of speech by Obama, the Dems, the MSM, and SEIU thugs:

If I didn’t know any better I’d swear we have a neo-Soviet government.

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