Obama Blames His Benghazi Disaster on Congress, Won’t Apologize for Seizure of Phone Records, Feigns Ignorance of IRS Thuggery

“And I have to go back 40 years to Watergate when Nixon put out his edited transcripts to the conversations, and he personally went through them and said, ‘Oh, let’s not tell this, let’s not show this.’ I would not dismiss Benghazi. It’s a very serious issue.”

—Bob Woodword

With one difference, Bob. No one died because of Watergate.  Nixon’s one transgression pales in comparison to Obama’s depraved indifference, not to mention his crime spree.

More dismissive bullshit from Dear Leader.

Barack Obama dodged questions Thursday about the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, shifted responsibility for the Benghazi attack to Congress, and said ‘I offer no apologies’ for the Department of Justice’s secret seizure of reporter’s phone records in search of a classified intelligence leak.

……He spoke of various measures he was recommending, to ‘learn the lessons of Benghazi.’ But he referred to the murders of four Americans there as an ‘incident,’ not a terror attack.

The asshole still can’t bring himself to say ‘terrorist attack’.  And besides, according to the squalling she ass, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it’s just downright “irresponsible and un-American” to demand answers.

……And his remarks focused on ‘properly funding’ the State Department and Pentagon-run security at diplomatic posts, shifting the burden to Congress to ‘provide resources and new authorities so that we can implement all the recommendations of the Accountability Review Board which issued a report last month.

He said: ‘We’re going to need Congress’s help in terms of increasing the number of our Marine Corps Guard who protect our embassies.

‘Funding’ wasn’t the fucking problem in Benghazi. It was the State Department who made the decision to pull out three Mobile Security Deployment teams in August of 2012, telling the embassy to “do more with less”, and kept refusing to send extra security to the embassy.

……On the IRS scandal, Obama wouldn’t commit to saying no one at the White House knew about the targeting of conservative groups before the White House Counsel was informed during the week of April 22.

‘I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report was leaked to the press,’ he said, without addressing the question of whether any of his political appointees in the West Wing of the White House were aware that the IRS was playing political favorites.

Obama knew damned well what the IRS was up to. He’s a petty little tyrant who wields corrupt government agencies like a billy club, targeting the Bill of Rights and outspoken critics.  His IRS attack dogs did what was expected of them.  They saw what the Tea Party was capable of during the 2010 mid term elections. They did not want a repeat in 2012.

Not one Tea Party/conservative group was granted tax exempt status during 2012. Far left liberal groups skated right on through.

This is real hypocritical gall:

……’Leaks related to national security can put people at risk,’ Obama said, citing ‘men and women in uniform’ and ‘intelligence officers.’

‘U.S. national security is dependent on those folks being able to operate with confidence that folks back home have their backs.’

‘I offer no apologies’ for putting a high premium on national security, he said, while also allowing that the First Amendment’s press freedoms are important to him philosophically.

This is coming from the same self-aggrandizing mutherfucker who leaked operational secrets about the SEAL’ s Bin Laden mission to his Hollywood pals, just to masturbate his ego.

The slobbering main stream media hasn’t yet tired of his blame game and his pompous brush-offs.  The best part of all this is although he betrayed his own lap dogs, they’ll still continue to bring him his newspaper and slippers.

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