Obama Blew Off Normandy Trip

What. The . Fuck.

White House officials travelled to France at the start of March to discuss a visit by Obama to Omaha Beach, the site of the American Cemetery, established in 1944 just after D-Day and where 9,387 American personnel are buried….

French officials and senior American military officers walked with White House staff through the cemetery discussing how the two presidents might follow the same route. But even before their trip, the White House had decided that Obama would not travel there this week.

“It wasn’t going to happen,” said an American official in Washington. “We went through the motions to placate President Sarkozy but giving special treatment to France was not on our agenda.

“During this trip, we wanted to maintain a balance between the British, German and France“. A White House spokesman in London declined to comment. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/5096803/Barack-Obama-rejects-Normandy-trip-to-avoid-offending-Germany.html

The excuse is, he didn’t want to ‘offend’ the Brits and Germans by taking away their schmoozing time in order to pay tribute to the fallen at Normandy.

What a “Commander-in-Chief”, eh?

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