Obama: Carter Malaise Redux

Via Alex Alvarez.

Laura Ingraham presented a remix, of sorts, juxtaposing portions of former President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 “Malaise Speech” (also known as his “Crisis of Confidence Speech” or, perhaps, his “Generally Terrible Stuff Speech”) with recent comments made by President Barack Obama.

The emphasis of both speeches used in the clip is on convincing Americans to scrimp, save and sacrifice during tough economic times. It’s like they say: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Listen to the comparison. Obama must have read the transcript from Carter’s speech and simply injected his own half-assed explanations in place of Carter’s.


3 thoughts on “Obama: Carter Malaise Redux”

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  2. Woe is me. The Democrats’ self-defense mechanism is to play the victimization card. That way, they have an empathetic in with the self-flagellating welfare class. Why, Obama is downtrodden just like me! Yeah, only that he’s a megalomaniacal multi-millionaire who’s brought this on himself through his hell-bent policies and asinine attitude.

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