Obama Comes to Town, Part III

He’s back to visit one of the most economically depressed, democratic-controlled areas of the United States. Same crap, different day.

From the Lorain Journal.

When Obama last visited Lorain County in 2010, his visit to Lorain County Community College it was styled a “town hall” meeting, open to the public. When he returns today, it will be a different affair.

The event is closed to the public, and about 275 people will be attending, invitation only, according to Steve Sefchik, spokesman for LCCC. A majority of the invitees appear to be local city officials and council members, but others have received invitations as well.

Hi-larious! After 3 years of the SCOAMF’s disasterous regime, they couldn’t fill the seats with adoring fans ready to swoon at every word.  Tsk.

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