Obama Comes to Town

Obama came to my hometown today…whoop-de-fucking-doo. He spoke in Elyria, which is a stone’s throw from my town of Lorain.

They closed down most of the area schools today for this shit?

The planted supporters audience clapped and nodded on cue. Ohio’s unemployment rate is now 10.9%, and he probably thinks just the appearance of HIS AWESOMENESS will rejuvenate spirits, lift the economy, and have everyone singing THE ONE’s messianic praises. 

Barack Obama has told an Ohio audience today that he’ll “never stop fighting” for an economy that helps the hard-working, and not just those who are already well-off.

His appeal for Congress to pass a new job-creation bill came in a state where the jobless rate has gone up to 10.9 percent.
In Elyria, at a town hall meeting at Lorain County Community College, the president strongly defended unpopular actions he has taken to bail out banks and insurers and to rescue automakers from collapse. Such measures have not gone over well in many quarters, and have been derided as moves that expanded government intervention and swelled the deficit. The measures were seen as a helping hand for Wall Street while many on Main Street walked the unemployment lines.

Obama said that propping up the financial industry was as much about regular Americans as wealthy bankers. “If the financial system had gone down, it would have taken the entire economy and millions more families and businesses with it,” he argued.

Similarly, allowing GM and Chrysler to go under might have satisfied calls to force businesses to reap the consequences of bad decisions.

We’re reaping the consequences of Obama’s disastrous decisions. In a free market economy, failure is not rewarded by taxpayer-funded bailouts. He’s still harping on the “big, bad, evil bankers” bit, when it was the Dems who forced Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/TARP on the nation’s banks under threat of government retaliation.

They should have given President Punchdrunk a ride through downtown Lorain, so he could get a good look at the results of decades of Democratic rule; boarded up businesses and deterioration.

Across the street from the town hall location (Lorain County Community College) were groups of anti-Obama, Tea Party protesters. They’ll get scant coverage, of course, because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

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