Obama Courts Super Pacs He Once Called ‘Threat to Democracy’

He’s already kissed up to the Wall Street executives he decried as “Fat Cats”, to solicit donations for Part II of his Socialist train wreck.

When the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that private organizations, including corporations and unions, could spend unlimited amounts of money on political speech, Obama decried the decision, warning that it amounted to a “threat to our democracy.”  Two years later, the Obama campaign has announced that with the president’s blessing, it will support a pro-Obama super PAC–a creation of that very ruling–to receive unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and unions for the 2012 presidential campaign.

“We made a decision, announced last night, that we’re not going to allow for two sets of rules this election,” a senior campaign official said during a conference call with reporters Tuesday. “A half billion dollars spent against the president’s re-election by Republican super PACs is not something that we take lightly, and it ultimately led to our decision that we’re not going to unilaterally disarm in this fight. Our message remains the same in terms of the type of things we’re fighting for.”

“The president did sign off on this decision,” the official, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

In a statement sent to supporters Monday night, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said that while the president continues to oppose the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, the Obama campaign wants to “face the reality of the law as it currently stands” and will dispatch senior campaign and White House officials to events sponsored by Priorities USA, the group supporting Obama.

He didn’t sign off on it being a ‘threat to democracy’ and all,  but he’ll take all the money his super Pac can scrape together.   The Left’s outrage at Citizens United doesn’t seem all that important to them now.  

I’m shocked.

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