Obama Courts the Private Equity Firms He Demonizes


Via the Atlantic.

At a recent fundraising event at the residence of Blackstone CEO Hamilton James:

Obama spent the morning calling for more Wall Street regulation, released an ad calling Mitt Romney’s private equity firm a “vampire,” then entertained Wall Street guests at the home of the man who runs one of the most successful private equity firm in the business. Now we’ll never know just how awkward it got.

The SCOAMF-in-Chief, who has never owned or operated a business, consistently attacks the risk-takers who create  jobs and invest in this country’s wealth, but when it comes to throwing taxpayers’ money down the toilet for ‘green’ projects like Solyndra and Lightsquared, the crapweasel blames the scrutiny on ‘partisan politics’ and refuses to cooperate with Congressional investigators.  He’s also not averse to putting aside his disdain for Wall Street “fat cats” long enough to schmooze for donations.

By the way, after Obama tried (and failed) to lambaste Mitt Romney over Bain Capital, he hired Jeffrey Zients, a former Bain Capital executive, to head the Office of Management and Budget. 

Paging the Department of Democrat Hypocrisy.


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1 thought on “Obama Courts the Private Equity Firms He Demonizes”

  1. If you haven’t seen it yet, CNN’s Anderson Cooper took apart an Obama apologist on this very same point. After I got over the total shock of a CNN anchor not carrying water for President Populist, I was able to laugh.

    They’re running scared. We need to keep them that way.

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