Obama Drops “War on Terror” Phrase

The Obama administration has junked the term “global war on terror” because it does not describe properly the nature of the terrorist threat to the US, according to Janet Napolitano, secretary for homeland security.

“One of the reasons the nomenclature is not used is that ‘war’ carries with it a relationship to nation states in conflict with each other and of course terrorism is not necessarily derived from the nation state relationship,” she told the Financial Times. “In some respects ‘war’ is too limiting.”

Yeah, terms like “overseas contingency operations” and “man-caused disasters” are so defining.

……Obama has studiously avoided the phrase, which officials see as legally troublesome and politically counterproductive.

Funny, Islamofascists don’t have any compuction with phrases like “jihad” and “death to the infidel”.

Ms Napolitano, who arrived on Monday night in the UK, said she was hoping to learn from her British counterparts, and others, how to improve public “resiliency” to terrorist attacks. “You have got to minimise risk and respond with resiliency – there are lessons to be learned from other countries and the UK is one of them,” she said.


‘Resiliency’? Like Britain’s “Pretty please don’t attack us” ad campaign?:

Fuckin’ Obama regime. What a bunch of weapons grade idiots. Just change the lexicon and the Islamic terrorist thugs will drop everything and start eating unicorn skittles.

Good luck with that.

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