Obama Gets Owned by Putin Again, This Time With the New START Treaty

This is another effort by Obama to eviscerate America. Unfortunately, this will be rammed through with the help of some RINOs.

This new START treaty forbids the United States to improve defenses against ballistic missile attacks.  Iran and Venezuela are in the process of planning for missile bases in Venezuela; which means that when the threat in our own back yard gets serious, we’re not allowed to do any upgrades to counter the threats.

A retired Navy vice admiral who has dealt with Soviet nuclear issues for decades said Friday that the Russians are taunting the Obama administration by dragging their feet on the arms reduction treaty the president just pushed through Congress.

Russian lawmakers gave preliminary approval on Christmas Eve to the so-called New START treaty with a vote in the lower house of parliament. But Konstantin Kosachev, head of the State Duma’s foreign affairs committee, said it would take until next month “at the earliest” for the treaty to receive its three required readings and get a final vote. Lawmakers’ vacation lasts until Jan. 11.

The assessment seems to put the brakes on the document President Obama called a top priority as he whipped up the Republican votes needed to pass it before the end of the lame-duck session. Vice Adm. Jerry Miller said the Russians appear to be having some fun at U.S. expense.

“They are superb, absolutely superb in this business,” Miller told FoxNews.com. “This would just be a delaying tactic just to kind of heckle us a little bit, kind of like the North Koreans. … They tweak us.”

Miller said there’s little doubt the treaty will ultimately be approved, though he said it stands as more of a political victory for Obama than a substantive policy step on nuclear weapons reduction. He said Russia’s stalling is just “the way they play the game.”

The treaty, which was ratified Wednesday by the U.S. Senate, would limit each country’s strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, down from the current ceiling of 2,200. It also would re-establish a system for monitoring and verification, which ended last year with the expiration of a previous arms control deal.

Obama’s kissing the ass of the same retro-Soviet assholes who declared that they would “not exclude a preventive nuclear strike against (an) aggressor”:

Since THE ONE took over the responsibility for America’s national security, he’s done a great job of dismantling it. He’s been wearing out the “reset button” every time he “negotiates without preconditions”.

Obama wants to unilaterally disarm the U.S., beat our our swords into ploughshares, and expects the rest of the world to play nice. I could swear he’s doing it on purpose.

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