Obama Golfs While Economy Disintegrates

Add this to the “If Bush Had Done This, the Left Would Be Having Shit Fits” column.

Obama hit the golf course Saturday for what, by CBS News’ Mark Knoller’s calculation, was his 52nd such outing since taking office.

According to the White House pool report, Obama went golfing Saturday with his usual partners: trip director Marvin Nicholson, press aide Ben Finkenbinder and the Department of Energy’s David Katz.

CBS News Radio White House correspondent Knoller tweeted:

It’s a beautiful 77┬░ & sunny in DC and Pres Obama has gone to Andrews AFB for a round of golf. His 52nd since taking office.

Before heading to Andrews Air Force Base for golf, Obama watched his daughter Malia’s soccer game in northwest Washington.

Obama heads to Philadelphia with Vice President Biden on Sunday for a DNC “Moving America Forward” campaign rally with Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak (Pa.).

How nice of B. Hussein to take a break from flushing America’s economy and security down the toilet, to hit the links for the 52nd time in the last 21 months. One way to look at it is, if he’s not at work, he’s not doing damage. But not to worry. In the meantime, his Dem cronies are still busy decimating your 401K. A commenter at The Hill points out:

They’re holding hearings on the democrats are holding hearings on a new ponzi┬áscheme they call, the guaranteed retirement account. It works like this. Lets say you have a 401K account with a value of $50,000. The democrats intend to seize your account, then offer you a few hundred bucks a month extra when you reach retirement age. The GRA bill also includes a mandatory 5% increase in the payroll tax. Don’t worry though, you’ll get all the money back when, or if, you reach the age of 70.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

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