Obama Laughs When Pressed About His ‘Green Energy’ Failures

From Twitchy.

Something funny, Barack?

During his interview today by Denver reporter Kyle Clark, President Obama was asked about the failure of Colorado-based Abound Solar, a green energy company that received a $400 million federal loan guarantee. Abound Solar declared bankruptcy this past June and is currently under investigation. For some reason, the president finds that amusing:



Taxpayers are on the hook for BILLIONS of dollars because of the failure of at least 34 “green energy” companies.

That’s okay.  On 6 November, we’ll get the last laugh, mutherfucker.


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1 thought on “Obama Laughs When Pressed About His ‘Green Energy’ Failures”

  1. For a moment there I thought that shiite bag was sending signals in morse code with that eye blinking going on. That guy is displaying traits of a caught liar who is trying to lie his way out of a large lie. The nervous laughing and the twitches.

    Thing is, this man has never been subjected to a real interrogation. A good lawyer would have that little birdie whistling Dixie out of his ass hole in fifteen seconds.

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