Obama ‘Open’ to Possible Prosecution of Bush-era Officials

The latest milksoppage from the Pantywaist-in-Chief is to ‘leave open’ the possibility of prosecuting Bush-era officials who authorized interrogation methods that saved American lives.

Obama left open the door Tuesday for charges to be brought against Bush administration lawyers who justified harsh interrogation techniques, though he continued to argue that CIA agents who used those tactics should not be prosecuted.

The president showed wiggle room on the issue as he faces calls from Democratic lawmakers and organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union to support such charges. Asked about the possibility of prosecution related to the interrogation program, the president deferred to Attorney General Eric Holder.

“With respect to those who formulate those legal decisions, I would say that that is going to be more of a decision for the attorney general within the parameters of various laws,” Obama said. “And I don’t want to prejudge that. … There are a host of very complicated issues involved there.”

Yeah, like Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution: (Ex Post Facto Law)

Every law that makes an action done before the passing of the law, and which was innocent when done, criminal; and punishes such action. 2d. Every law that aggravates a crime, or makes it greater than it was, when committed. 3d. Every law that changes the punishment, and inflicts a greater punishment, than the law annexed to the crime, when committed. 4th. Every law that alters the legal rules of evidence, and receives less, or different, testimony, than the law required at the time of the commission of the offense, in order to convict the offender.

The Constitution is just an obstacle to the Bamster’s agenda.

……he also repeated his view that investigations into Bush officials could get politicized, he indicated for the first time an openness to such a course provided it is carried out in a “bipartisan fashion.”


He demures at the thought of dealing with Islamic terrorists, but when it comes to the interrogations that stopped further attacks on this country and led to other terrorists being caught, he’s ‘open’ to prosecution.

While you’re at it Bamster, you may as well add the Democratic members of both the House and Senate intelligence committees who were briefed on these techniques.

To date, press reports have revealed the names of six legislators who were briefed on the CIA torture program in 2002-2003: Democratic representatives Jane Harman (California) and Pelosi, Democratic senators Bob Graham (Florida) and John D. (Jay) Rockefeller (West Virginia), Republican Representative Porter Goss (Florida) and Republican Senator Pat Roberts (Kansas). Goss was subsequently made head of the CIA and was serving in that post when the tapes were destroyed in 2005.

Bring it on, bitch.

I call bullshit on this, anyway. It’s another ploy to appease the MoveOn tards.

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