Obama, Reid Greeted by Las Vegas Protesters

As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama prepared for a fundraiser Tuesday evening to help get Reid re-elected, about 100 protesters worked the Strip in hopes of preventing just that.

Carrying signs and chanting slogans such as “Heave ho! Reid must go!” the protesters in front of Caesars Palace, where the fundraising concert was to take place, criticized Reid’s “tax-and-spend,” “big government” ways.

……The mostly Republican protesters said they want representatives who advocate for small government and are against tax increases.

“We need someone who shares our core principles: family, self-sufficiency, low taxes and getting government out of our lives,” said Dean Meek, a 51-year-old property manager who was carrying a sign that read: “Don’t tax me, bro.”

The protest was organized by Our Country Deserves Better PAC, a conservative, California-based political action committee that is campaigning against Reid’s re-election.

The committee held a news conference Tuesday morning in Las Vegas to highlight its $100,000 anti-Reid ad campaign. Radio, television and Internet ads calling Reid a tax-and-spender who does not respect the military were airing statewide, timed to coincide with the president’s visit.

Reid should have been booted back in April, 2007 when he declared that we “lost” the war in Iraq.

Here’s some input from a retarded, starry-eyed Obamabot:

“I came down to support Obama. He’s such a refreshing change,” said Parris Lane, 50, who waved a small American flag and chanted Obama’s name in response to the protesters. “We have someone really smart in charge, who makes everyone feel like part of things.”


Lane is one of those idiots who blindly follows a corrupt, socialist, charismatic empty suit. I bet he’s got one of those halo-effect Newsweek Obama photos on his nightstand. That’s the type of voter that flooded the ACORN registrations for Dear Leader.

We are now spiraling into a 9 trillion dollar deficit which will burden generations into the next century. Malevolent countries around the world including Iran, North Korea, and China recognize a milksop when they see one.

How’s that change working for you?

2 thoughts on “Obama, Reid Greeted by Las Vegas Protesters”

  1. Parris Lane

    The entire country was being destroyed for 8 yrs… where were you? Didn’t here a peep….guess you were Hiding in your fox hole.

    1. Parris,
      Hello retarded, starry-eyed Obamabot. You Googled your name and ended up here. Congratulations.

      You “blame Bush for everything” assclowns are a piece of work. He destroyed the country how??? Get specific. In the meantime, here’s how Obama is really destroying the country: a $13 trillion deficit, out of control debt and spending, eviscerated national security, and he kisses up to our enemies and pisses off our allies. His tyrannical socialist power grabs include the hostile government takeover of health care, banks, and the auto industry. He took a faltering economy and smashed it completely, resulting in 15 % unemployment. He and his Dem cabal in Congress have relegated the Constitution to toilet paper. How’s that “change” coming along?

      Your comment about Obama being “smart” is a real sidesplitter. He can’t string together a coherent sentence when his teleprompter quits. He thinks 10,000 people were killed by a single tornado in Kansas, that there are 57 states, one of which is called “New Pennsylvania”, where the “Nitally Lions” play. He also thinks the White Sox play in “Cominsky Field”, “Austrian” is spoken in Austria, and that Iran is a “tiny country”. What a Harvard-educated moron.

      He’s an abject failure; a Jimmy Carter 2.0 socialist with a disastrous ecomomic policy, and a foreign policy that makes Neville Chamberlain look like a tough guy.

      Other than that, he’s a fucking genius.

      Where are you?

      Probably under your rock. You can go back now, sweetpea.

      You crack me up.

      SFC MAC

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