Obama Slashes Military Pay Raises, Again

“It’s my military, I can treat them as I see fit”.


His abject hatred for the United States armed forces has no bounds.

Despite the US Congress sending to the White House a pay raise for the Uniformed Services in keeping with the formula utilized the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Barack Obama¬† has decided to bypass Congress and almost halve the recommended 1.8 percent hike for the military…

In one of the Administration’s famous Friday “document dumps,” the news of the cutting a rise in base pay for the Uniformed Services from the proposed 1.8 percent to a barely noticeable 1.0 percent was made public in the closing hours Friday before the start of the long Labor Day Weekend.

Per federal law, all military pay increases must based upon the BLS formula tying military pay to changes in private sector pay growth.

……If approved, a 1.0 percent raise equals $3.79 a week more (before taxes) for a newly joined member of the Armed Forces.

Obama’s endless vaycays and golf course excursions are immune from the austerity he inflicts on those most deserving of pay increases. But then, his disdain for people who are far better than him, has a lengthy history.



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1 thought on “Obama Slashes Military Pay Raises, Again”

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