Obama to Meet With Anti-War Wingnuts

Hat tip to Jonn Lilyea at This Ain’t Hell:

When he was running to be everyone’s president, Barack Obama wouldn’t meet with General Petreaus while the general was commanding our efforts in Iraq. But now, it seems his staff will sit down with IVAW. A letter from Kelly Dougherty, the executive director of IVAW;

IVAW has been working to hold a face-to-face meeting with now President-elect and members of his staff. Our hard work has paid off! We’ve recently been contacted by a member of President-elect Obama’s veteran staff and will be meeting with representatives of both his Veteran and Foreign Affairs Committees this month. This is a huge opportunity for IVAW to assert our voice and perspective at a new level and to continue to demand accountability for ending the occupation.

……Dougherty continues;

We have been witness to the horror and violence of war and we are determined to give Americans a real eyewitness account of the occupations.

Jonn notes Dougherty’s ‘credibility’:

Doughtery’s testimony at Winter Soldier was confined to a single incident that involved KBR employees firing bean bags at Iraqi civilians to control the situation at the scene of an automobile accident. Oh, the horror. You know that’s the worst incident she witnessed because if she had more she’d have used other stories instead.

Dougherty is also the person who told the House Progressive Caucus that they didn’t need to swear in any of the witnesses who testified to the committee because IVAW had already verified their testimony. I wonder if any of the banking CEOs who testified to Congress this morning got the same consideration.

Obama blew off legitimate  veteran’s groups and an Army General responsible for achieving success in Iraq, in favor of a bunch of disgruntled, lying miscreants.

Big surprise.

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