Obamabots Mace Republican Campaign Workers

Roanoke, VA
Galax Police say they’re investigating a strange attack at the Republican Party headquarters in the city.

Officers tell WSLS that shortly before 1:00 p.m. Monday, a man and woman went inside the office on Grayson Street. Then, police say the man, Daniel Meinecke, physically assaulted one of the Republican campaign workers. Police also say the woman, Cara Hindman, sprayed pepper mace on five Republican campaign workers.

Officers charged 29-year-old Daniel Meineck with one count of misdemeanor assault.

Officers charged 26-year-old Cara Hindman with five counts of misdemeanor assault.

Both have since been released on a secure bond, pending arraignment.


There’s nothing strange about the attack. It’s SOP  for Obama supporters.

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