Obama’s Code Pink Friends Hook Up With Hamas,Taliban

What a lovely combination.

Hat Tip to Big Government.

The Code Pink assclowns are now directly aiding and abetting the Taliban and Hamas—two of America’s enemies and prolific terrorist groups—with Obama’s blessing.

In a wide-ranging interview released this week by MIPtalk, Obama funder, terrorist sympathizer and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans spoke about her meetings with the Taliban and President Barack Obama. She lauded the Taliban for bringing peace and justice to Afghanistan while saying that the U.S. has failed to deliver either.

……Jodie Evans was a founding member of Obama’s campaign finance team, recruited in February 2007 to co-host Obama’s breakthrough Hollywood fundraiser with the Dreamworks trio of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Later in 2007 she was appointed a fundraising bundler by Obama’s presidential campaign. She also donated tens of thousands of dollars to various Obama campaign vehicles in 2007 and 2008.

Hanoi Jane has also reared her ugly head.

Top Obama donor and fundraiser Jodie Evans met with the Taliban in Afghanistan on a recent trip there, according to a report by Jane Fonda of a discussion she had with Evans last month. The meeting with the Taliban took place just weeks before Evans was videotaped directly handing to President Barack Obama a package of information about her trip to Afghanistan at a high dollar fundraiser in San Francisco.

The meeting with the Taliban was kept secret by Evans and her group Code Pink in reports she and the group posted from Kabul and in interviews with the media and bloggers about the trip. Fonda, a close friend of Evans, let the secret meeting slip in an account of her dinner with Evans at a fundraiser for the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

She and her gang of idiots were openly welcomed by Hamas, with whom she participated in a “Gaza Freedom March”.

And she was joined in Cairo by Obama pals William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn.

Top President Barack Obama funder Jodie Evans and her terrorist sympathizing group Code Pink have provoked a violent crisis in Egypt over an attempt to deliver ‘humanitarian aid’ to Hamas-run Gaza to mark the one-year anniversary of Israel’s response to repeated provocations by Hamas terrorists. Evans was joined in Cairo by Obama pals Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, both former terrorists with the Weather Underground.

She was debriefed by Obama at the White House after the trip.

The logs show that a ‘Jodie Evans’ met with Buffy Wicks, the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement (OPE) on June 19, 2009. The meeting came just days after Evans’ group, Code Pink, visited the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza from May 28th to June 14th and was given a letter by Hamas to deliver to President Barack Obama.

On December 30th, the Obama administration released 25,000 records of visitors to the White House complex from the latter half of September. Mixed in those records were visits from other dates, including two by ‘Jodie Evans’ in June.

One visit is listed as a two-person meeting with Buffy Wicks in Room 146 in the Old Executive Office Building (OEOB). The meeting was scheduled at 19:02, June 16th for 10:30, June 19th by Ashley Baia, Staff Assistant with OPE. The meeting end time is recorded in the default setting of 23:59 for that day.

She’s invited The Muslim Brotherhood into her fold for a “cleansing of the country”.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama received some campaign contributions that were traced back to Hamas in the Gaza strip.  http://sfcmac.wordpress.com/2008/08/18/obamas-questionable-donations/

More here: http://biggovernment.com/?s=Jodie+Evans
Read all the articles about the Obama/Code Pink/terrorist connections. If it doesn’t get your blood boiling, you’re comatose.

Obama is no stranger to supporting terrorists and vice versa.





Last I checked, the Taliban is one of the enemies in our war against Islamofascist terrorism.  Hamas is also on that list. Obama has appointed Code Pink, a pro-terrorist group, to lend support to the Taliban and Hamas in a depraved subversion of our national security and our efforts in this war.

Of course, the Obama State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and The Department of Justice see nothing wrong with these acts of treason; and to top it off, Obama is a collaborator.

Hello??? FBI???

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