Obama’s Earmarks Benefited Friends, Relatives

Judicial Watch, using the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, says it obtained information on earmarks doled out by Obama when he represented his Chicago district in the state Senate.

Guess where the money went?

$100,000 grant for The “Englewood Botanical Garden” project, which was never built.

$100,000 grant for the Community of St. Sabina, the Catholic Church headed by the mealy-mouthed Rev. Michael Pfleger.

$75,000 for FORUM, a political activist group run by Yesse Yehudah….the State of Illinois sued Yehudah for failure to account for some of the money from the Obama-driven grant, according to Judicial Watch.

$25,000 to ‘Blue Gargoyle; a community-based employment program headed by Capers C. Funnye, Jr. Funnye is Michelle Obama’s first cousin once removed.


That’s probably the tip of the iceberg. ACORN and Annenberg are in there somewhere.

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