Obama’s Foreign Policy Circus

……Obama recently wrote to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev asking for help in stopping Iran from getting the bomb. The letter reportedly suggested Washington would abandon plans for a missile defense shield in Central Europe in exchange for Russia’s help preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons capabilities.

So, as long as Russia is such a pal with Iran, including offering to build nuclear reactors for them, Medvedev might ask them ‘pretty please’ stop being such belligerent little Islamofascists and we won’t be so adamant about missile defense. Just brilliant.

And while we’re on the subject of ‘pretty please’, THE ONE wants oh so much to reach out to the Taliban.

……Barack Obama is open to the idea of reaching out to moderate elements of the Taliban, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

In an interview with the newspaper published on its website, Obama said that some of the U.S. success in Iraq involved reaching out to Islamic fundamentalists who had been alienated by the tactics of al Qaeda in Iraq.

“There may be some comparable opportunities in Afghanistan and the Pakistani region,” he said. “But the situation in Afghanistan is, if anything, more complex.”

……Obama also left open the option for American operatives to capture terrorism suspects abroad even without the cooperation of a country where they were found.

‘Moderate’ Taliban? Good luck with that, B. Hussein.

But he also allows for the capture of terrorists…like maybe the Taliban?

North Korea got a taste of  THE ONE’s “reaching out”, in response to Kim Jong Il’s saber-rattling and threats to shoot down South Korea’s passenger jets flying near its airspace.

A U.S. special envoy called Saturday for talks with North Korea and urged Pyongyang not to launch a missile and stop issuing threats to its southern neighbor.

North Korea escalated tensions Thursday by warning it could not guarantee the safety of South Korea’s passenger jets flying near its airspace if annual joint U.S.-South Korean military maneuvers went ahead as planned Monday.

“We’re reaching out now. We want dialogue,” Stephen W. Bosworth told reporters upon arrival in South Korea, the last leg of a regional tour that took him to China and Japan. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,506764,00.html

Kim Jong Il threw his hat into the ring of Obama endorsements (including Hamas, Castro, and Chavez) during the campaign.

Translation: We will see a better relationship between the U.S. and the Korean Peninsula with Obama, who sternly criticizes Bush and who would meet the leader of Chosun without pre-conditions, than with the “Bush clone” and scarecrow of the neocons McCain.



Didn’t all the global dictators get the memo about their candidate getting elected? The whole world was supposed to fall at our (well, Obama’s) feet and proclaim undying love for the New World Order.

Tsk. Looks like the global constituents aren’t cooperating.

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