Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Gets (Surprise!) Amnesty

Obama aids and abets an illegal…his aunt.

A U.S. immigration court has granted asylum to President Barack Obama’s African aunt, allowing her to stay in the country, her attorneys announced Monday.

The decision was mailed Friday and comes three months after Kenya native Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of Obama’s late father, testified at a closed hearing in Boston, where she arrived in a wheelchair and two doctors testified in support of her case.

The basis for her asylum request hadn’t been made public. People who seek asylum must show that they face persecution in their homeland on the basis of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group.

Her lawyer, Margaret Wong of Cleveland, said last year that Onyango first applied for asylum “due to violence in Kenya.” The East African nation is fractured by cycles of electoral violence every five years.

In a November interview with The Associated Press, Onyango said she was disabled and was learning to walk again after being paralyzed from Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder.

Onyango moved to the United States in 2000. Her first asylum request was rejected, and she was ordered deported in 2004. But she didn’t leave the country and continued to live in public housing in Boston.

Onyango’s status as an illegal immigrant was revealed just days before Obama was elected in November 2008. Obama said he did not know his aunt was living here illegally and believes laws covering the situation should be followed.

A judge later agreed to suspend her deportation order and reopen her asylum case.

Wong has said that Obama wasn’t involved in the Boston hearing. The White House also said it was not helping Onyango with legal fees.

In his memoir, “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance,” Obama affectionately referred to Onyango as “Auntie Zeituni” and described meeting her during his 1988 trip to Kenya.

Onyango helped care for the president’s half brothers and sister while living with Barack Obama Sr. in Kenya.

Her ass should have been forced onto the first plane smokin’ back to Kenya in 2004.
Wanna bet Obama had everything to do with this scofflaw getting a break? Let’s see…enter America illegally, ignore deportation orders, get free medical care, public housing, and welfare, all at taxpayer expense. And if you happen to be related to a Dem Left president, you’ll get amnesty.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Gets (Surprise!) Amnesty”

    1. Steve,

      How did Rand Paul enter this conversation? If you’re going to attempt to disprove a correlation between fact and opinion, at least stay on topic. Fact: Obama, along with all of his other leftwing/socialist proclivities, is not exactly too keen on enforcing immigration laws. Fact: When the story surrounding his aunt was disclosed during the campaign, Obama did a tapdance that made Fred Astaire look like an amateur. Fact: B. Hussein’s criminal behavior, associates, and influence runs the gamut with the SEIU, ACORN, ObamaCare, the Cap and Trade scam, and most certainly, his approach to our illegal immigration laws. A high profile illegal immigration case involving a POTUS (Democrat, at that) backed by a like-minded leftwing Dem majority in the legislature, and you really believe he had nothing to do with the outcome. Steve, you are very, very, naive. If Obama had any integrity he’d have insisted that she return to Kenya where she belongs. I’d like to know how the hell she got into this country without him knowing in the first place. There’s been too much secrecy (the hearing was held behind closed doors) and favoritism involved. Don’t thing he had any influence over decision? Right.

      SFC MAC

  1. The Center Square

    My problem isn’t with your opinion. It’s a perfectly reasonable and plausible opinion. Just don’t present it as a fact.

  2. The Center Square

    Of course I think there’s a chance.

    “Obama aids and abets an illegal” — false misrepresentation of an unsubstantiated personal opinion as a fact.
    “I believe that Obama aided and abetted an illegal” — perfectly fine.

    1. Steve,

      This isn’t a case of mere conjecture. There’s more than a chance. He advocates amnesty and his aunt (what a coin-ki-dink!) has received it. I base my opinions on the overwhelming facts. Obama and his Dem cabal, for instance, are eviscerating our Democratic Republic. The effects of which are reverberating throughout the country and the world. You can always re-read my previous arguments with you in the comments, but I digress.
      Suffice it to say, “aids and abets” is an accurate phrase.

      SFC MAC

  3. The Center Square

    I haven’t seen any reports that he did, and numerous reports that he didn’t. Since we don’t like each other, I just thought I would highlight that you are presenting your assumption, based on your ideology, as a fact.

    1. Steve,
      If you don’t see any remote chance that Obama helped out his own Aunt and twisted a few arms behind the scenes to sway the judgement in her favor, you’ve got a pretty sophisticated set of cerebral blinders. His ideology, especially that of pandering to illegal alien activists, is a fact.
      I like you Steve. I just think you’re wishy-washy.

      SFC MAC

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