Obama’s New Half-Assed Afghanistan ‘Strategy’

Hat Tip to The Corner (NRO)

Obama’s advisers are focusing on a strategy for Afghanistan aimed at protecting about 10 top population centers, administration officials said Tuesday, describing an approach that would stop short of an all-out assault on the Taliban while still seeking to nurture long-term stability…. At the heart of this strategy is the conclusion that the United States cannot completely eradicate the insurgency in a nation where the Taliban is an indigenous force — nor does it need to in order to protect American national security. Instead, the focus would be on preventing Al Qaeda from returning in force while containing and weakening the Taliban long enough to build Afghan security forces that would eventually take over the mission.

Okay, let me get this straight:  He plans on providing troops and resources to secure 10 populated areas, while the Taliban (and Al Qaeda) continue to come in from ouside the country, and for that matter, flourish outside the bounds of these secured areas.  That presents a serious problem; American Soldiers will be holed up inside these towns, fending off renewed attacks by the enemy.  Can you say sitting ducks?

No plans to carry on the fight, and finish off the bastards by killing them and kicking them out of Afghanistan. No plans to deal with any indigenous terrorists or establish internal control. No plans to continue to put pressure on Pakistan to get rid of the Taliban influence in their government, and safehavens in their country.

President Punchdrunk and his side kick Sheriff Joe are two halves of a shit sandwich.  General McCrystal has every right to tell the pseudo “Commander-in-Chief” to kiss his ass, and walk away.  The last thing a wartime General needs is an insipid, total waste of skin “president”, who hasn’t one bit of understanding of how the nation’s wars are to be fought and won, let alone a sense of duty.  My heart goes out to the troops.  They are bearing the brunt of decisions made by a maladroit assclown.

Hey Obama, Mullah Mohammed Omar called.  He says ‘thanks for the help’.


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