Obama’s Spokeskid: Criticism of Susan Rice, Benghazi Disaster, is “Politically Motivated”

From Breitbart.

After Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) emerged from yesterday’s meeting with Ambassador Rice with greater concern about the cover-up of Benghazi, White House spokesman Jay Carney slammed Republicans’ “obsession” with Rice’s Benghazi explanation.
Carney said that as of Nov. 27, the Obama administration “still does not know who carried out the assault, which claimed the lives Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.” He said what is known is that continued criticism of Rice is “politically motivated.”

Or “racism” if you believe the perpetually outraged race-baiters at MSNBC and the Dem party.

As a matter of fact, Rice has a lengthy record of epic fails, including playing a primary role (along with Bubba Clinton) in refusing to allow Sudan to turn Bin Laden over to the U.S.   Competency is not her forte, so she fits right in with Obama’s cabinet.

One of the parents of Tyrone Woods, a former SEAL who was killed in Benghazi, has a different take: “It’s better to die a hero than live a coward”.

Then there’s HuffPo muzzie extremist/apologist, Sharmine Narwani, who doesn’t think anyone should care  “because of  “100s of 1,000s of Arabs & Muslims slaughtered by American troops.”

I don’t think we’ve killed enough of them, considering their world-wide atrocities.

So far, we’ve seen nothing but depraved indifference, the persecution of a scapegoat, and dismissive arrogance toward anyone who criticizes the Obama regime’s fatuous denials.

So Congress, when does the impeachment begin?

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Spokeskid: Criticism of Susan Rice, Benghazi Disaster, is “Politically Motivated””

  1. The families of the dead may care. There are a whole lot of things that just don’t add up, the state department left them defenseless.

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