Ohio Food Stamp Population Will Get Decreased Benefits in 2013

Hey mofos, what happened wit yo ghetto Santa Claus?

Congratulations on your Obama vote. Your amount will drop by $50.

The monthly amount each household is offered under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — commonly known as food stamps — is based on calculations made by the USDA. Those calculations considers such factors as the average cost of utilities.

With a mild winter and the price of natural gas low this year, the cost of utilities is down, prompting USDA to cut benefits proportionally. The bottom line for Ohioans is about $50 less per household per month beginning next year.

Last Friday the USDA released its latest data showing the SNAP program now helps feed 47.1 million Americans nationwide, an all-time high accounting for over 19 percent of the population.

The majority of the program’s growth can be tied directly to the economic downturn. However, a portion of it also involves changes to eligibility requirements instituted by the Obama administration.

If you believe the excuse about utilities, I’ve got a big fucking suspension bridge between Cincinnati and Covington, Kentucky for sale, cheap.

Since you Dem pukes, especially in the northern part of the state,  voted to reinstall the SCOAMF, you can now enjoy the fruits of your stupidity.

All things being relative, Obama is anti-business and the business owners are cutting back, laying off employees, and in many cases, simply closing up shop in the face of Obama’s socialist hostility.  The more slugs that are added to the welfare rolls, and the more unemployment there is, the less taxpayers there are to foot the bill.

Keep that in mind when Uncle Obama continues to cut your welfare because he’s running out of taxpayers to fleece.

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