Ohio House Passes Collective Bargaining Bill

The Republican-led Ohio House voted Wednesday to severely limit the collective bargaining rights of 350,000 public workers across the state, sending a bill that’s sparked pro-labor protests for weeks back to the state Senate.
The full House approved the measure on a 53-44 vote. A vote in the GOP-controlled Senate, which narrowly approved an earlier version of the legislation, could soon follow.

The measure affects safety workers, teachers, nurses and a host of other government personnel. It allows unions to negotiate wages but not health care, sick time, or pension benefits. It gets rid of automatic pay increases, and replaces them with merit raises or performance pay. Workers would also be banned from striking.

Gov. John Kasich has said his $55.5 billion state budget counts on unspecified savings from lifting union protections to fill an $8 billion hole. The first-term governor and his Republican colleagues argue the bill would help city officials and superintendents better control their costs at a time when they too are feeling budget woes.

……The vote in the House comes after the committee added GOP-backed revisions Tuesday that would make it more difficult for unions to collect certain fees.

The committee changed the bill to ban automatic deductions from employee paychecks that would go the unions’ political arm. They also altered the measure to prevent nonunion employees affected by contracts from paying so-called “fair share” fees to union organizations.

That’s the crux of what pisses off the union thugs, the bosses in particular. It takes the strong-arm tactics away from them, stops the extortion of people who choose not to unionize, and implements merit-based promotions and raises. Just like the private sector has done for years.

Welcome to free market competition, union pukes.

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