Olbermann vs His Imaginary Twitter Account

Hat Tip to Caleb Howe at redstate.com and Greg Pollowitz at National Review Online.

You just can’t make up this shit.

Keith Olbermann, the ranting MSNBC moonbat, has been embroiled in a controversy with what he thought was someone faking a Twitter account in his name. He even accused Fox News of being behind it all.

Unbeknownst to Olbermann, it turned out that MSNBC was running the account, and to top it off, Olbermann named Twitter “the worst person in the world”.

The cast in this comedy includes MSNBC, a Democratic writer named Dan Cooper, an unnamed female admirer of Olbermann and Obama, and Olbermann’s fervid, deranged, internet-challenged brain.

Some excerpts about the hilarity:

……Olbermann named Twitter his “Worst Person in the World” because he mistakenly believed he wasn’t on Twitter. He was.

……Keith predicated his entire segment on the notion that he had no Twitter account, therefore the account in his name was fraudulent. Of course, it wasn’t true. MSNBC ran the Twitter account in Keith’s name.

……Not only is Olbermann wrong about being on Twitter, he’s twice wrong. His own show runs a very active Twitter feed. As in, in addition to the one Olbermann was on about. The person who he smeared as a fraud and a Fox News operative is not who Olbermann thinks he is. Even the email to Olbermann may not be what he thinks it is. In short, there was virtually no factual statement from Keith’s mouth when he named Twitter “Worst Person” and called the account a fraud.

This is part of what Olbermann said:

……I‘m not on Twitter. I tried to sign up last summer and abandoned the project. I found this out when I got a piece of junk e-mail today, at my address, from some outfit trying to barnacle on to the Twitter process. Though it was my address, it had somebody else‘s name on it, possibly whoever was perpetuating the fraud. The subject line read “Dan Cooper Media, local Tweet request.” And the e-mail began, “hi Dan Cooper Media.”

Who is Dan Cooper and why would he be getting spam e-mail about my fake Twitter account? He is one of the five architects of Fox News.

This started with an email to Olbermann with Dan Cooper’s name in it. Dan did some research and came up with this:

After a week of intense detective work I believe I have discovered the identity of the person who sent the email in question to KO. I made the connection this morning. It seems to pan out, and I’m speaking as an actual, not “fake” journalist.

The sender of the email appears to be a young, college-age woman. This woman is a diehard Democratic activist. She is a tireless supporter of President Obama, his cabinet and staff, and of many other Democratic politicians. The young woman is an ardent fan of Keith Olbermann, of Countdown, and watches Countdown and Olbermann’s hosting of major events on MSNBC. This woman is a “follower” and fan of mine on Twitter. I admire her dedication, intelligence and youthful spunk as well. We do not know each other personally, and have never communicated outside of Twitter. It is my guess that her purpose in sending the email to Olbermann was to urge him to “follow” me, dancoopermedia, on Twitter. And that’s all there is to it. Everything else is a fever dream in Keith Olbermann’s noggin.


More at National Review Online:

MSNBC may be going down in flames, but at least it’s providing laughs on the way down.

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