One of the Punks Who Tried to Rob Bernie Goetz is Found Dead

Remember the gangsta shitbags who tried to rob Bernie Goetz on the NYC subway in 1984?  4 black teenagers, Barry Allen, 19; Troy Canty, 19; James Ramseur, 18; and Darrell Cabey, 19, thought they could frighten an innocent citizen into relinquishing his money. Turns out they fucked with the wrong white boy.

Their legacy: James Ramseur and Barry Allen continued their “careers” after the shooting. Upon being released from the hospital for the treatment of his gunshot wound, James Ramseur partnered up with another associate and was convicted of raping, sodomizing, beating, and robbing a pregnant nineteen year old woman on a building rooftop in the Bronx. In 1986 he was sentenced to 8 ⅓ to 25 years in prison. Barry Allen committed two muggings after the shooting.

Well, the saga continues. Ramseur’s rotting corpse was found in a Bronx hotel room.

That’s Ramseur on the right, in this 1985 photo.

One of the teens wounded by “subway vigilante” Bernhard Goetz died of an apparent drug overdose in a seedy Bronx motel room Thursday — 27 years to the day after the infamous shooting.

James Ramseur, 45, was found dead in bed at the Paradise Motor Inn at 2990 Boston Road about 11 a.m., sources said.

Two empty prescription pill bottles were found next to the bed with their labels scratched off, sources said.

The death is being investigated as an apparent overdose and possible suicide, sources said.

Ramseur checked into the motel Tuesday and was supposed to check out Thursday morning, sources said.

When Ramseur failed to return his room key, the motel manager entered the room and found his clothed corpse.

Ramseur, an ex-con released from prison last year following a 25-year stint upstate for rape, was one of four black teens shot by Goetz on the 2 train on Dec. 22, 1984.

……Ramseur had been holding a screwdriver during the controversial shooting, and took a slug in the chest.

He fell into a coma afterward and underwent multiple surgeries — but the convicted petty thief quickly returned to a life of crime.

Three months after the incident, Ramseur, then 18, was arrested for falsely reporting his own kidnapping to police.

Two months after that, cops busted him for helping to rape a pregnant teen at gunpoint in the Claremont Village housing project in the Bronx.

Too bad Ramseur didn’t croak on the subway that day.

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