Outsourcing Your Information to Mexico

As if letting illegals traipse across the border weren’t enough:

O.C. court defends outsourcing
Public reacts to use of company that sends DMV data to Mexico
The Orange County Register
Orange County’s Superior Court contracts with a company that uses workers in Nogales, Mexico, to do the data entry of traffic tickets, a revelation on Thursday that outraged many who fear personal information is leaving the country.

The court has contracted since March 2006 with Cal Coast Data Entry, Inc., a Cerritos company that has a facility in Nogales. Information from tickets – including drivers’ license numbers, car license numbers, birth dates and addresses – are scanned at the Cerritos facility and sent electronically to the Mexican facility.

In a statement issued Thursday evening, court officials defended use of the company, saying transfer of ticket information was by electronic encryption and the company has state-of-the-art security.

“The company and the staff they employ are dedicated to keeping the public’s data secure and safe,” the statement said. “The court wants to ensure the public that private data is safe.”

Court officials refused to release the cost of the contract and said they would continue using the company. Cal Coast officials wouldn’t comment, citing client confidentiality.

The disclosure of the Mexican outsourcing came from an unnamed county law enforcement officer who called a popular conservative radio program, KFI’s “John & Ken Show,” saying he had concerns about identity theft and the potential for terrorism. But the news had an even larger impact because the shock jocks urged their faithful listeners to call the Orange County Board of Supervisors and complain.

Supervisors were bombarded with angry callers who were told that the county doesn’t have jurisdiction over the courts and that it’s a state agency. That didn’t mollify the callers or the radio hosts, and Supervisor Chris Norby appeared on the show and denounced the court’s hiring of the outsourcing company.

“(DMV information) has to be kept as closely guarded as possible and outsourcing this kind of information outside the country is something this board would never support,” Norby said.

They justify this outsourcing by claiming the Mexican facility is “secure”.  Like the border?  And who comprises the staff?  The same type of Pedros and Consuelos illegally hired by employers here?  The court won’t divulge the company’s name because of ‘client confidentiality’. Potential victims have no such assurance. 

And of course, the liberal academics had to weigh in on the controversy:

Getting masses of people to react to erroneous information is a growing trend, thanks to the lightning quick speed of the Internet, said Barbara O’Connor, director of the Institute for the Study of Politics and Media at Cal State Sacramento.
The problem is especially pertinent to “infotainment,” and talk radio likes to encourage “participatory audiences,” she said.
“That is a universal problem. Increasingly every tipster in the world gives media entities information and it’s often wrong, and they post it,” O’Connor said. “So the media in general has to be very careful before they post it on the Web and unleash the masses to go after the target.”
Link: http://www.ocregister.com/news/court-company-information-1788465-courts-data

Dan (I swear the documents are genuine) Rather unleashed the masses when he decided to present erronious information as fact. The internet has it’s drawbacks-ridiculous urban legends and leftwingnut websites- but if you’re prudent about sources and engage good old fashioned fact checking, journalistic boners like the ones practiced by the New York Times will be few and far between.  In this case, the threat of identity theft is very real and the concern is valid.

What is the O.C. Superior Court thinking?  Is this another perverted form of ‘doing jobs Americans won’t do’?  The bureaucratic blockheads in Senate, Congress, and State legislatures don’t give a damn about border and national security as it is, now they want to hand south-of-the-border lowlifes our personal identity as well?  This decision was handed down by an entity of the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit Court, who comes up with some of the looniest judicial edicts.

Yeah, let’s make it easier for the pendejos and terrorists to commit crimes against American citizens without having to sneak over. Better yet, just give them all the tools they need for identity theft so they can use it once they get here.  It’s bad enough when identity is stolen from people who try to be careful, but now the government is just going to hand them our information as a matter of poilicy.

Just brilliant, you asshats.

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