Paging Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Your Dem Party Just Got ‘Whiter’, Rep. Allen West Concedes Florida Election

The Dems in Florida elected a rich white frat boy gasbag whose wealthy daddy bought his congressional seat, and voted out a black Republican who came from humble roots,  served this country with honor and bravery as an Army Colonel, and earned his way to success.

Gotta have priorities.

Must be all those racist voters.

A group of white liberal effetes applaud the defeat of a black politician. If this has been reversed…you get the idea.

From the Washington Examiner.

During a press conference this afternoon with newly elected Congressional Democrats, the group – together with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – applauded the defeat of Rep. Allen West R-Fla.

Pelosi introduced West’s rival Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy calling his election a “cause for celebration” for young people.

“I just defeated somebody you all may know, a guy named Allen West, you guys might have heard of him.” ” Murphy chuckled, as the Democrats around him applauded.

From Breitbart.

Tea party firebrand Rep. Allen West conceded his re-election fight Tuesday, two weeks after the election gave way to court appearances, two partial recounts and unending accusations by his camp that the vote count wasn’t fair.

In a statement, the Republican freshman said “there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results” but not enough to change the outcome, giving the race to Democratic newcomer Patrick Murphy.

“While a contest of the election results might have changed the vote totals, we do not have evidence that the outcome would change,” West said.

……Many have speculated West could find a new career in the place where he has been frequently seen, on cable television, but he has not said what his next step will be. “Only God knows what is in store for each of us,” he said in his statement, adding that “I will continue to fight for our republic.”

LTC Allen West is a tough, no nonsense patriot with a get-back-to-the-Constitution attitude. He won the Florida Congressional seat in 2010, as part of the Tea Party-backed sweep of the House of Representatives.

He will bounce back either through election to a another political office or even as a commentator on Fox News or conservative talk radio. What ever he does, he will continue to be a prominent voice for the Tea Party.

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